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Selling Our House


Jordan and I are selling our house. It's definitely a bittersweet decision. We're sad to be leaving a lot of friends and our great ward and neighborhood but are excited (!!!) about our plans for the future (which I will explain a bit later).

We invested many hours and much energy into this house. In fact we really love this house. I love it so much I wanted to have some family pictures taken here before we move on, especially so Reagan and Naomi could have something to look back on and remember. I love these pictures. (They were taken by Ali Middleton, who was really a pleasure to work with and who captured some amazing photos.)

We originally listed our house on February 2. We had a very successful open house that weekend where we received 2 over listing price offers. We looked them over and picked the one that we thought looked the best and continued to move forward with the process. The inspection was completed and came back with no surprises. The appraisal was scheduled for last week while we were in England (which I can't wait to blog about!). We returned home from our trip on Monday night and Tuesday morning I got a call from our Realtor telling us that our Buyers had canceled the contract. The husband was laid off last Thursday and they would no longer be able to obtain their financing. (I'm so sad for this family! I don't even know them but had imagined them living in and loving our house as much as we do. I hope that everything works out for them!)

So we are back on the market as of yesterday and we have 4 showings today. Hopefully we'll be back under contract ASAP and can continue on with our plans. If you know anyone looking for a beautiful home in Layton send them our way!

^^This picture just kills me! She's SOOOOO beautiful!!

^^This picture just melts my heart! All three in this little series are just perfect!

^^I just love my sweet daughters!

^^A rousing game of Ring Around the Rosie, which we play daily at our house.

^^And this husband of mine... I'm so thankful for him. He is the best partner and companion. I'm so thankful for his skills and all of the work he's done on this house from installing all of the new flooring to redoing the trim and stairs, to building a new kitchen, and installing lights... The list is long. I'm so happy that whatever I do in life I get to do by his side. I'm glad that I get to watch his patience and hard work and learn from his example and feel of his love and compassion daily. He is truly the best!

OVO Cirque du Soleil GIVEAWAY


A few weeks ago Reagan and I attended a blogger event at the Leonardo to learn more about the upcoming OVO Cirque du Soleil show coming to Utah. We did a fun craft, learned about bugs and even got to hold a few. It was a fun afternoon outing with Reagan (that is until they LOST one of the tarantulas.... THANKFULLY they found it after a few minutes. HA! So scary).

Read on to see some more pictures of our afternoon and for more details about the giveaway at the bottom.

^^Madagascar hissing cockroaches

^^This guy was ENORMOUS and terrifying, and I think this will be the only picture I will EVER post on my blog of a tarantula.

^^I was SO proud of her for holding this little blue tomato hornworm. She is NOT my animal loving child.

^^We loved learning from Kim's Cold-Blooded Creatures.

I have a 4 pack of tickets to giveaway for the opening night of the OVO Cirque du Soleil show coming to Utah on Wednesday, February 22nd at 7:30pm. The show is at the Maverick Center in West Valley. We absolutely LOVED the Cirque du Soleil show we saw in Las Vegas a few years ago, so I'm very excited to see this one in a few weeks. I know it'll be awesome!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you just can't wait, they have a few deals going on right now, especially with Valentine's Day coming up. The first deal they have is buy 2 tickets, get $25 off, and the second deal is a family 4 pack.
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