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Black Island Farms


On Saturday we went to Black Island Farms. Earlier in the week I saw that they had a KSL deal for tickets and jumped on the opportunity (this isn't the exact deal I bought, but I think it's still a fair option). In hindsight I wish we would have waited until next Saturday or gone one evening this week, because with the 5K early Saturday morning we had a REALLY long day and the girls were SO over it by the end of the outing. We still had a good time though, Reagan loved the cow train and all of the slides. Naomi was terrified of the corn box, but loved the ghost water storage container. The pig races were pretty fun to watch, and I'm not totally sure if I've ever seen a bigger pig than I saw there that night.

This was only my second time going to a pumpkin patch in my whole life (the only other time being when I was about 8, and I don't remember it). I'm excited to continue going to pumpkin patches with our girls. As I learn more about this parenting thing, I'm really seeing the value of family traditions and how they can be a tool to strengthen family relationships and make it easier to spend time together as a family.

A few more pictures from our little outing below. (P.S. Reagan's face paint was slowing coming off, and by the time we got home only the littlest bits were left around the edges. Funny girl.)

Huntsman 5K Recap


Saturday morning was the Huntsman 5K. I wasn't able to do my packet pickup the day before so we arrived a little early to do that, but also had enough time for Reagan to get her face painted and for her to go down the bouncy house slide about 38 times. I was able to keep my pace on the run and was able to finish in my goal time. I loved seeing all of the different teams running in tribute to someone they love with cancer. It was a great race. I'd love to run it again in the future. I feel like if I'm going to run a race with a registration fee, I'd rather run one where that money goes to a good cause.

^^I used to LOVE getting my face painted as a kid, so I'm glad Reagan was excited to get hers painted.

^^Reagan's best effort to encourage the runners. Haha!

^^The girls were only in it for the free candy. Thanks for supporting me family!

This post is in partnership with the Huntsman Cancer Foundation but all pictures and opinions are mine alone. Like usual!
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