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Alturas 2018


Yesterday we finished up another fun year at Alturas. Reagan's favorite thing in the world is jumping into water so she had the best time jumping off the dock over and over and over until her lips turned blue and her chin was quivering. We FROZE the first night but made some adjustments and survived the second two nights. I decided to make a little stop motion video this year to change things up, above is the video and below are some of my favorite shots.

Weekend in Colorado


Nestled between two other trips we squeezed in a weekend in Colorado for Jackson's farewell. We literally left the cemetery in Logan and headed right on out of town to drive to Colorado. The girls and I drove over with my mom and spent a few fast, fun days with family.  We ended up stopping on the way over and spent the night at a hotel in Parachute. In the morning we woke up and drove straight to Cherry Creek Reservoir for a fun morning boating. Reagan jumped off the side of the boat over and over and we got to watch Jack and Bailey surf.

I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of Jackson but he did so amazing on his farewell talk and even sang at his own farewell. It was awesome. He is going to be a killer missionary in Chihuahua, Mexico leaving in 9 days! Sunday night they had an open house for Jackson and Shari obviously made the most tasty food ever and threw a pretty great party.

A few other highlights from our trip included lunch with my grandma at Kokoro, dinner at Dennis and April's house, and lots of good time spent at Shari's house.

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