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The Best of 2008

January: Kara and I skiingKara and I went to Maggiano's, ice skating, and to Color Me Mine.

April: Devon and I, the day before he went on his mission.
Fun times with Annie and Kara
Spring Break: Family trip to Nauvoo
Prom: Kyal, Becky, Me, Kallyn, and Kara
After Prom
May: Kara and Sam's dry ice bomb 18th birthday extravaganza
May: Woohoo! Finally done. Graduation
Mom, Dad, and I after graduation
June - New Phase in my life: BYU
Roomate Tara and I
New cannon! Kara, Melissa, Tara, and I woke up at 6:30 so we could be the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th people to ever eat there.
Melissa and I
Hiking Y mountain
July: Kara and I at the Stadium of Fire with Mylie!
and the Blue Man Group

Salt Lake City Trip
Kara, Me, Melissa, and Tara
Melissa, Me, Tommy, Kara, and, Tara.
We woke up at 4am and hiked for 6 hours with my uncle Jim and his friend Trev. We hiked Mt. Superior. I think we are superior just for finishing the hike.
Clash Bash
August: Puffy swollen checks from my lack of wisdom. I mean wisdom teeth.
Not fun.
Many football games
Many trips to the tumbling gym
Squaw Peak
Kara and I at Squaw Peak.
October: Kara and I at general conference.
Kara, Tara, Tommy and I after General Conference. I had never been to conference and it was really neat to be able to go.
Me, Rachel, Kara, Cathryn, and Chelsea
Gangstas for Halloween
December: Ward Salt Lake City Trip
19 years old. Yikes!
Kara, Chelsea, and I

Birthday Weekend

My birthday was on Saturday and we had a weekend full of fun to celebrate. On Friday night we went to subzero and got ice cream, then we went bowling and then to our favorite park. Right at midnight everyone started singing to me! We stayed at the park for a little while after that and then went home. On Saturday Tara, Melissa, Kara, and I went to Red Robin for lunch. That night we went to Annett's house for a little party. She made Navajo Tacos, and they were SO good. We had cake and ice cream, opened presents, did a pinata, and played Rock Band. After Annett's house we went to see a movie. It was a great birthday!
Some of us at the party

Rachel, Cathryn, and Chelsea looking cute like always!Tara with the pinata

Ward Salt Lake City Trip

Last weekend my ward took a trip to Salt Lake City. We drove to Draper and took the Trax to Temple Square. We watched the Joseph Smith Movie and walked around and looked at the lights. It was a pretty fun trip. Kara and I ate at the Nauvoo Cafe in the Joseph Smith Building. On our way home we had to stop by sonic because everything was half price all day.


I should be working on my American Heritage Research paper but I am very distracted by my new blog! After classes today, I came home and took a nap, had dinner, finished the rough draft of my paper, watched the Office and went to work.

Maybe someday my posts will get longer and more meaningful.

5 days until Castle Rock!

First Entry!

Well I decided to get a blog. We'll see how this goes...

It is currently 1:07 and I think I need to start getting ready for bed.

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