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Moving out of the Arch house


(This is my mid-packing mess)

I have very mixed feelings about moving out of the Arch house. I sure am going to miss those girls. We had some seriously good times last semester. I love everyone of those girls.

Post-its Round 2

Last semester I took all of the post-its I used and put them on the wall and took a picture. I decided to do that again this semester.



I'm just trying to go home

I am currently sitting in the Salt Lake City Airport. My flight was supposed to leave at 10:10 however it was first delayed until 11:10 and then 11:40. They just made an announcement that the plane left Oakland but it had to return because of complications and they are unsure when it will be taking off. I just want to go home!

Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes


So good! Thanks Family!



The weirdest thing ever happened to me last night. I got off work around 11:30 and went home and was sitting on the back patio. A little after midnight, the night sky lit up as bright as day. It was SO crazy. I could see the mountains perfectly, like it was the middle of the day, rather than the middle of the night.

(This is a picture of the sky at 12:07am. I found this picture online but this is honestly what I saw. That is what the mountains looked like.)

I was happy to see an article about it on ksl this morning because I was really starting to worry about my sanity. Turns out I wasn't the only one to see this crazy flash of light.

So weird. Also pretty cool though. Bright flash turns night into day.

Here is a video of it:

Beautiful Thing

After a grueling 3 hour test last night, I am done with tests until finals!

In other news...

These little boys are 11! Am I even allowed to call them little boys anymore? They were just born, what the heck? How are they already 11? I just don't understand.
I got the semester calendar for Jerusalem last week.

Some highlights from the calendar:

-January 23rd I will be here:

-January 28th I will be waking up at 3:00 am and hiking Mt. Sinai.

-I'll be in Galilee from March 15th-March 25th and Jordan from April 5th-April 8th.

Crazy! I'm very excited!

My family is in Florida (without me) and I am sitting on the couch avoiding my homework.

I definitely got the crappy end of that deal.

What's the temperature in Provo? Oh, just 55°
Temperature in Orlando? 80°

Columbus Day

How did you celebrate Columbus Day?

We made Columbus Day cookies. We didn't have any good Columbus cookie cutters so we improvised and just cut out the cookies freehand. We made lots of boats, some anchors, a wave, COLUMBUS, 1492, and even The United States.

Saturday Bike ride

Cathryn, Rachel, and I went on a short bike ride through Provo Canyon on Saturday. It was really fun. It was a beautiful day and the leaves looked gorgeous.

Sundance Full Moon Lift

Girls Night Out!

We got all bundled up, grabbed some blankets and drove up to Sundance to ride the lift.

From left to right: Sophia, Melissa, Cathryn, Me (for some reason I look like a giant), Tara, Jamie, Amber, and Maren.

On the lift

We had a great time!

September 28, 2009

Sonic trips - I love them.
Excel - the homework I have been putting off all afternoon
Pie - I had some delicious apple pie the other day. Yum!
Tara - what a great roommate
Everyday I would love to take a nap
Materials test - did not do well, need to do better next time
Best new watch - I bought a new watch. I really like it.
Especially E words are hard to think of
Rams - BYU beat them on Saturday (see photo below)

2 brothers at home that I miss
8:00am. Class at 8 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday...

2 days of General Conference coming up - looking forward to this.
0 - number of hours I would like to do homework tonight
0h my, next week I have many tests
99 days until Jerusalem

Important Letter

A very important letter came in the mail yesterday! (We discovered that the mail system in Provo is not the most efficient. We chased down 4 separate mailmen all very near my house, one even on the street where I live, who all delivered mail to houses that were not mine.) Here is what part of this letter said:

Dear Corina,

Congratulations! You have been given initial placement on the 2010 Winter Semester Program at the BYU Jerusalem Canter for Near Eastern Studies. Dates of this program are from January 5 to April 22.

Your official acceptance, however, is pending until you have a Final Admission Interview with a member of the Jerusalem Center staff. Applicants who have received initial placement will be admitted for study at the Jerusalem Center based on this preparation for and ability to benefit from study at the Jerusalem Center, as well as their ability to contribute to the success of the experience for others in the unique Jerusalem Center setting.

I'm getting very excited. This is happening! I've been wanting this for a long time and things are on track. Ahhhh! I'm so excited!


Did you watch the game? AMAZING! Yesterday was a good day to be a Cougar.

The look on Sam Bradford's face when we scored was priceless.

Provo was mass chaos. The streets were packed. Cars were honking nonstop. People were everywhere. It was so intense!


New bed
New room
New house
New semester
New classes
New ward
New roommates
New friends
New experiences
New New New

Yikes! Everything is new! I hope this will be a good semester. More info to come.

Dylan and Logan


They are growing up! That's one reason why I don't want to go back to school. I don't want to miss anything. I like watching them learn and grow. I love them more than anything!
Sometimes we like to make funny faces...

 5th graders! Yikes!

One Year Wisdom Teeth Removal Anniversary

One year ago today I got my wisdom teeth taken out. I think this calls for a celebration! Everyone brush your teeth and floss for an extra 2 minutes today!

I'm glad that right now I don't have the worlds puffiest cheeks, accompanied by ugly bruises, and a very sore jaw.

Please note: There was nothing in my mouth. That is all cheek. Don't I look so happy? Can't you tell that this was a very pleasant experience for me?

The World's Best Fruit Pizza

Sophomore year I was introduced to the most delectable food on the planet. Brother Palmer was my seminary teacher and whenever someone in the class had a birthday he would bring in fruit pizza. Now you're probably thinking, "Well, I've had some pretty tasty fruit pizza in my day." Yes, I know. What's not to love about a cookie with frosting and some delicious fruit? Let me tell you though, Sister Palmer is the supreme fruit pizza chef.

This morning Sarah and I were able to watch/help/learn from the master, the art of how to make the world famous fruit pizza.

The pizzas -- pre-fruit

Kristen and I

The masterpieces

Thanks Sister Palmer!

My dad is now a hay farmer


So I went on a walk to try out my new camera

The sky was SO blue. It was absolutely gorgeous.
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