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One thing I love...

1.27.2009 color. I just love colorful things. I love it when things are in rainbow order. It is so pleasing to the eye. I love pictures of colorful things. I love pictures in general. I like taking pictures too. Here are some pictures of colorful things:

Adobe Photoshop

I got Adobe Photoshop for my birthday and I've just been messing around with it and I made this:

Weekend of Firsts

1. My first speeding ticket

2. Tara’s first trip to Colorado

We climbed the Castle RockWent to 16th Street Mall/Downtown Denver
3. My first trip home in 2009

4. Tara’s first tasting of Crème Brulee

5. Our first pair of rain boots

It's been a fun weekend!

Funny Pictures

School starts in 2 days. Agh!

Some pictures to lighten my mood.

Arrested Development

I am currently obsessed with Arrested Development. This is a show about a dependable son, Michael Bluth, who takes over the family company after his father is put in jail. However the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making his job almost impossible . I have watched over 17 hours of it in the last week. I love the witty humor and the tension that arises between the family, because most of them do not know how to make a good decision. I am in the middle of season two and sadly there are only three seasons, so my obsession will have to end at some point but for the moment I will continue laughing so hard my stomach hurts.
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