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Arrested Development

I am currently obsessed with Arrested Development. This is a show about a dependable son, Michael Bluth, who takes over the family company after his father is put in jail. However the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making his job almost impossible . I have watched over 17 hours of it in the last week. I love the witty humor and the tension that arises between the family, because most of them do not know how to make a good decision. I am in the middle of season two and sadly there are only three seasons, so my obsession will have to end at some point but for the moment I will continue laughing so hard my stomach hurts.


  1. Corina, we just had friends give us Season 1 and 2 and we are obsessed too! We have limited ourselves to watching 2 episodes a night, and we are on Season 2 disc 2. So freaking hilarious!!!!! I'm starting to feel like you, though...wondering how I will live without it when we get to the end of season 3! Who is your favorite character?

  2. Haha really? That's so funny! My favorite character is probably Buster, but I'm not 100% sure because that is a tough question. Who is your favorite?

  3. Oh Mitch's favorite is Tobias, and I have a hard time's between Gob, Michael and Buster. Gob cracks me up and I can't get over his scooter! I also think Buster is hilarious - he just lost his hand last night. Mitch and I die of hysterics every night. We are trying to limit it to one or two per night so it lasts longer! Did you finish the series? I get frustrated that shows like this (pure genious) can't continue but The Bachelor slash Dancing w/Stars slash Survivor" get watched.


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