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A Letter


Dear Snow,

Now I know you have not done anything to me personally recently, so I am sorry for this post. However I do not appreciate your visits in the slightest. I wish that you would never come. Not only do I not enjoy the wet hair/coat/backpack/pants that you produce but I also do not enjoy the aftermath slush for days, or the cold temperatures that accompany you. I think we have a relationship build on false hope and disappointment. Over all I can't think of very many of your redeeming qualities at the moment.

I am always thrilled this time of year simply because of the great amount of excitement I feel about the upcoming better weather, summertime, swimming pools, tans, and no school. I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop ruining my excitement.

I am learning more about you as I grow up but none of this new information is helping you. In Colorado when you would come it seemed like you would visit the mountains more often then me, which I really appreciated. But now that I basically live at the base of a mountain you visit WAY to much and you never leave. At least in Colorado when you would visit you would leave very soon after arriving, sometimes even the same day.

Go big or go home. That's how I feel about you. Either give me a blizzard (so school will be canceled) or stay away!


  1. Hi - I've posted 2 comments on your blog, but they don't show up...whazup wid dat?

  2. Whazup wid dis talk? I'm not sure why they aren't showing up. Try try again?

  3. Excellent post. Pretty much sums up my feelings about snow entirely. Especially the part about false hope and disappointment. And I also loved the "go big or go home" request. Very relevant for the snowfall today! It was so lame - just flurries and no substance. Just like a really bad date - tons of hype and no actual depth.

    I must say, if you weren't such an engineering genius, you'd make a witty journalist.

    Have a great week!


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