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25 Things I Hate About Facebook

This is funny and very accurate.

Happy Father's Day!

I love my dad. He is a good man.

Rockies Game


10 game winning streak!

Cox Fam+Kristen

Me and Dad

Mom and Logan

Rust Family

Logan, Kristen, mom and I

My Summer Job

This summer I am working with my dad. I am a roofer. Ok, I don't actually stand on the roof with a nail gun and put new roofs on but I go around selling roofs. I'm actually a claim specialist.

Before I start going into detail here are some of the shingles we work with everyday:

These are Dimension Shingles - these are what we replace the old roofs with. They are really good. They are 30 year shingles and have a 110 mph wind rating.

These are T-locks. They stopped making these about 2 years ago. So we kind of focus on looking for houses with this kind of shingle because if there is any damage the insurance company has to pay for a whole new roof because those shingles can't be replaced. These only have about a 60 mph wind rating. These shingles are pretty good because they all kind of lock together really tight, except the bad part about that is that if one becomes loose it is like a chain with a missing link. All of the shingles around it become loose.

These are 3-tabs. They stink. They are like the worst but they are still made so they can be repaired. These shingles always blow off in the wind. Most houses with 3-tabs have missing shingles.

These are cedar shakes. They aren't very good either. Mostly nicer houses have these, except most people with shakes are trying to get rid of them. They are pretty much a fire hazard and they don't look as nice as some other types of shingles. Also when shakes are repaired it looks so goofy because the new pieces of wood are a different color than the old ones because they haven't been weathered by the rain and hail and crazy Colorado weather yet.

Ok. So here is my job. We knock on doors. There are a couple of different approaches depending on what we're going for. If it is a house with T-locks we will usually say something like, "Did you know that they stopped making these shingles about 2 years ago? If there is any damage on your roof at all, the insurance company will probably pay for a whole new roof. Would you like a free roof inspection?" Then they say yes and we hop up on their roof and of course they have damage because most roofs do, so after we hop down we try to get them to sign a Part A contract. This is basically just an agreement letting us talk to the insurance company for them, allowing us to file the claim and work on their behalf. So after we file the claim, the insurance company will send out an adjuster. The most important part of our job is meeting with the adjuster. We usually like to get to the house about 30 minutes before the adjuster meeting and set up our ladders so they don't have to get theirs out and we usually measure the roof and map it out. So we get up on the roof with the adjuster and we just "kill them with kindness" as my dad says. We just talk to them about fishing or the weather or other appointments that they have and we point out the damage on the roof. If it's a T-lock roof they will pretty much always pay for a new one. Then the adjuster writes up a report. We put the new roof on for the amount of money the adjuster pays. The insurance company sends out the first check. This check is usually about 2/3rd of the cost of the roof. The insurance company keeps the other part for recoverable depreciation. They send out the 2nd check after the roof has been put on.

Then we give the people color samples and they choose what color they want and sign Part B. Part B is just explaining what is going to be put on to replace the old roof, what color they want for the drip edge, shingles, if they want a ridge vent, and if they want new gutters or siding or something we talk about this now too.

Then we call in the job and order the materials. The materials get delivered and the crew comes out. It is so neat to watch them work because they are the hardest, fastest workers I have ever seen. There is usually about 10-12 guys on a crew and they can take off and put on a whole roof in about a day, sometimes less (one time I saw them do a whole roof in about 4 hours, and this wasn't a tiny house).

After the roof is on we bill the insurance company to get the second check. Sometimes it ends up being a little bit more than they estimated it to be because of the building permits, or other city building codes. Then we collect the money and the job is complete!

It's a little different for shakes and 3-tabs, but for the most part it is the same. Roofing is so huge in Colorado. There are so many roofing companies working, especially after the storm we had on Sunday. No one in Colorado should ever have to pay for a new roof because we have crazy weather. Just call the insurance company after it hails and you'll get a new roof for free. This is why you have insurance.
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