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My life as of late

I went camping this weekend, it was fun. We camped just outside Glenwood Springs basically on top of a mountain. We were above 10,000 ft. We hiked up to hanging lake in Glenwood Springs.

On Friday I ran to the movie theater and saw Julie & Julia. It was about a 5 mile run. It was hard but the movie was a good reward. If you haven't seen this movie yet...go see it! It's a very funny/good/enjoyable movie.

I mailed my Jerusalem Center application on Friday. I should find out if I have been accepted sometime in September.

Will this be my home for 4 months? I hope so!

Dylan and Logan start school on Wednesday! Yikes! Summer is flying by!

My friend Austin comes home from his mission in 11 days!

3 weeks from today, right at this very moment, I will be sitting in class.

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  1. Corina,

    Oh, I hope you get to live there! That would accomplish your "live in another country goal!" Loved seeing you, loved talking with you, LOVE YOU!! Corina, call anytime! I am here for you! Love, Laura


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