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One Year Wisdom Teeth Removal Anniversary

One year ago today I got my wisdom teeth taken out. I think this calls for a celebration! Everyone brush your teeth and floss for an extra 2 minutes today!

I'm glad that right now I don't have the worlds puffiest cheeks, accompanied by ugly bruises, and a very sore jaw.

Please note: There was nothing in my mouth. That is all cheek. Don't I look so happy? Can't you tell that this was a very pleasant experience for me?


  1. wisdom teeth extraction recovery has been marred by the very thing that was supposed to be helping me ... percocet (oxycodone). Now the bad thing about this whole story is that I know my body isn't a big fan of the prescription pain meds. removing wisdom teeth

  2. That seems normal! Even if the extraction was done by the best dentist in the world, soreness is inevitable. Glad that you are okay now.

  3. I still remember my wisdom tooth pain few months back. It was horrible. Couldn’t eat or drink anything. Visited one of the best dentist Torrance suggested by my aunt for medicinal help. Little grinding was done to give the space for growth. Overall examination was done. Their tips to maintain white teeth also proved beneficial.


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