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September 28, 2009

Sonic trips - I love them.
Excel - the homework I have been putting off all afternoon
Pie - I had some delicious apple pie the other day. Yum!
Tara - what a great roommate
Everyday I would love to take a nap
Materials test - did not do well, need to do better next time
Best new watch - I bought a new watch. I really like it.
Especially E words are hard to think of
Rams - BYU beat them on Saturday (see photo below)

2 brothers at home that I miss
8:00am. Class at 8 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday...

2 days of General Conference coming up - looking forward to this.
0 - number of hours I would like to do homework tonight
0h my, next week I have many tests
99 days until Jerusalem


  1. Totally cute post! I may have to steal that idea sometime! I remember those 8am classes and that homework I avoided by doing other things. Get back to work cute girl, you can play in Jerusalem in 99 days! Love you,


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