BEGIN October 2009 | Corina's Corner

My family is in Florida (without me) and I am sitting on the couch avoiding my homework.

I definitely got the crappy end of that deal.

What's the temperature in Provo? Oh, just 55°
Temperature in Orlando? 80°

Columbus Day

How did you celebrate Columbus Day?

We made Columbus Day cookies. We didn't have any good Columbus cookie cutters so we improvised and just cut out the cookies freehand. We made lots of boats, some anchors, a wave, COLUMBUS, 1492, and even The United States.

Saturday Bike ride

Cathryn, Rachel, and I went on a short bike ride through Provo Canyon on Saturday. It was really fun. It was a beautiful day and the leaves looked gorgeous.

Sundance Full Moon Lift

Girls Night Out!

We got all bundled up, grabbed some blankets and drove up to Sundance to ride the lift.

From left to right: Sophia, Melissa, Cathryn, Me (for some reason I look like a giant), Tara, Jamie, Amber, and Maren.

On the lift

We had a great time!
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