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Columbus Day

How did you celebrate Columbus Day?

We made Columbus Day cookies. We didn't have any good Columbus cookie cutters so we improvised and just cut out the cookies freehand. We made lots of boats, some anchors, a wave, COLUMBUS, 1492, and even The United States.


  1. I celebrated Columbus Day by going to a baseball game. (I don't want to talk about the outcome of the game...)

    Your cookies are cute. Are there any extras to send home?

  2. Love the cookies! Could use one right now because I got to have a cool root canal today! I loved having a day off with my roommates. Don't tell your mom, but on 3 day weekends we would take 5 days and spend it in San Diego. Play on the beach, shop in Mexico and sleep in! Long drive, worth every minute! Have a great week! ~Laura


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