BEGIN December 2009 | Corina's Corner

Moving out of the Arch house


(This is my mid-packing mess)

I have very mixed feelings about moving out of the Arch house. I sure am going to miss those girls. We had some seriously good times last semester. I love everyone of those girls.

Post-its Round 2

Last semester I took all of the post-its I used and put them on the wall and took a picture. I decided to do that again this semester.



I'm just trying to go home

I am currently sitting in the Salt Lake City Airport. My flight was supposed to leave at 10:10 however it was first delayed until 11:10 and then 11:40. They just made an announcement that the plane left Oakland but it had to return because of complications and they are unsure when it will be taking off. I just want to go home!

Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes


So good! Thanks Family!
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