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Egypt Pictures

We got back from Egypt last night at about 10:15. I had an amazing time! I could probably write really long posts about every day of the trip but I think I will try to limit myself and maybe write a paragraph about each day. But first... Modes of Transportation I used in Egypt:
-Taxi boat
-Foot (hiking and walking)
-Horse drawn carriage

Here we go...My trip to EGYPT:

Day 1 - We left on the 21st at 6:30AM. We drove a lot that day but we stopped a ton along the way. We went to Tel Beersheba, Wilderness of Zin Lookout, Ben Gurion's Grave, Avdat, took a tour and had dinner at a Kibbutz, and spent the night at a different Kibbutz (a Kibbutz is a little Jewish community, everyone works together and all of the money you earn goes to the Kibbutz and you take turns doing different was basically just like a little socialist community). The Kibbutz we toured specialized in agriculture, primarily dairy products and dates I think. The Wilderness of Zin was neat. As I looked out at the barren ground with no water or trees I tried to imagine little tents and manna scattered on the ground. Wandering in this desert for 40 years would be really rough.

Day 2 - We left the Kibbutz and headed to Egypt. Crossed the border, and drove to Cairo. In Cairo we stayed at the Oasis Hotel. Right after we got to the hotel we all got back on the buses and headed over to the pyramids to watch The Sound and Light Show. It was pretty cheesy but still super cool that we were really in Egypt! There were some great lines in this show, for example, "Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids." I couldn't get over the fact that I was looking at the pyramids, they were actually right in front of my face. After the show we went back to the Hotel and had dinner. (While I was in Egypt basically all I ate was rice. The whole time. I didn’t want to take any chances, luckily my cautiousness paid off and I didn’t get sick.)

Day 3 - First thing we did was head over to the Pyramids. I still can't believe that I got to see the Pyramids of Giza. Wow. We actually got to go inside of the middle pyramid, the pyramid of Khafre (or Chephren). It was SOO neat! The tunnels were only about 3 feet tall so we all had to duck almost the whole time. While inside of the tomb we sang High on a Mountain Top. This was SO cool. Since there were 80+ of us inside a relatively small room with high ceilings the sound just echoed and sounded amazing. Besides the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, we also saw the Steppe pyramid (the very first one) and a few others, we saw lots of pyramids this day. We also went to a papyrus store. They showed us how it is made and then we got to look around and buy some if we wanted. In the evening we headed to the Cairo airport and flew to Luxor. Our hotel in Luxor was really really nice. We were totally spoiled. My roommate's name on this trip was Marissa, we got along really well.

This was the huge Ramses statue. It is laying down but just as a comparison his face is taller than me and this might be insensitive but I'm pretty sure this is the Egyptian Yoda.

Just steppin' up

Our extremely nice hotel in Luxor.

Day 4 - This day was AMAZING! We went to the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut's Temple in the morning (Brother Emmet told us that if we couldn't say Hatshepsut just to say Hot-Cheap-soup really fast). The Valley of the Kings was really cool. The tombs were neat and the hieroglyphics were really beautiful. It just blows my mind how old everything was. I think my favorite part of Valley of the Kings was King Tutankhamen's tomb. They keep his mummy in the tomb, in a temperature controlled box, so it was really cool to see that. He was a short little guy but I guess he died when he was about 18 so that makes sense. Then we headed back to the hotel for lunch and then we rode feluccas (little sailboats) on the Nile to go start our camel rides! I seriously love riding camels! And I seriously love the Nile. Everything was so green and beautiful. (Sunsets on the Nile are beautiful, I’ve seen sunsets at beaches before but they don’t compare to these). After we finished, we rode the feluccas back to the hotel and had sacrament meeting (my first sacrament meeting where everyone was wearing jeans and t-shirts). After sacrament meeting and dinner we went to the Souk (it was basically a tourist market). The Souk was a lot like the Old City but the vendors were a lot more aggressive and wouldn't leave you alone.

Day 5 - We rode Taxi boats to the Karnak Temple. I was amazed by the magnitude of this building. It is absolutely HUGE! I really really liked this temple. Then we rode horse drawn carriages to the Luxor Temple, which was also really neat. Then we had lunch at the hotel and free time until dinner. We headed back to the Souk. On the way home we went to the Winter Palace (a really fancy British Hotel) we just walked in and looked briefly at the lobby and then looked at the gardens and pool. Around 7 we went to the train station to catch our train back to Cairo. I was very sad to be leaving Luxor. It was a really gorgeous, amazing place. Our train was pretty sketchy (by the way this whole trip I think I sanitized my hands every 3 minutes). We had little sleeper cars and I went to bed around 9 because we got to Luxor around 4am. I went outside one morning after breakfast and I saw 6 hot air balloons.

Top of the columns - I think the tour guide said that you could fit 99 people on the top of each column.

It's hard to imagine that at one point all of this stuff was painted.

Our teacher calls these stupid, narcissistic pictures. So of course we have to take them at every site.

Marissa and I on the sketchy train.

Day 6 - We went to 2 churches and a synagogue in the morning and then to the Cairo Museum. I really enjoyed the museum. I wish we would have had 4 more hours (or 4 more weeks) to spend in the museum; there was SO much to look at. They have something like over 120,000 artifacts. By far my favorite part of the Museum was all of the stuff from King Tut's tomb. Seeing the funerary mask was so cool! In 2nd grade I made a replica of King Tut's funerary mask so I really liked seeing the real thing. After the museum we went Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. I don't think a burger and fries have ever tasted so good. After lunch we went to the Bizarre (another market). This whole day we were all dead tired and really dirty because we weren't able to shower because of the train ride. After the Bizarre we went back to the hotel had dinner and a Question and Answer session with the professors about connections between the Egyptians and our religion today. Then we hit the sack. I was dead tired.

Me and the Nile after we ate at Hard Rock Cafe.

This is what a lot of Cairo looks like.

Day 7 - We got to sleep in (until 7)! This day is a little bit fussy but I think mostly we just drove the whole day down to Sinai.

At the Muhammad Ali Mosque - this place was gorgeous. Also try not to notice how the scarf doesn't match my shirt, they just told us to grab one and this was at the top of my bag.

Day 8 - MT. SINAI. I think I will save most of this part and write about it when I can upload some pictures. But basically we woke up at 2 and hiked the mountain to watch a beautiful sunrise on top. What a memorable experience. I hiked the mountain where Moses saw the face of God. What an amazing trip! PS Pictures will be coming as soon as I get a chance to run over to Hebrew University. Maybe this afternoon, maybe on Sunday.

Waiting for the Sunrise...

I thought these mountains looked so cool, each a different shade of blue with a sea of clouds.

Here it is! The moment I have been waiting for for months. Totally worth it.

I did it! Mom, don't read the sign. These were all over Mt. Sinai.

The 3000 steps down to the Montessori. If you look closely you can see the little people climbing down. We hiked up a different way.

Looking across the Gulf of Aqaba at Saudi Arabia

Isn't this beautiful? I wish I could vacation here.

Hope to see you again too Egypt.

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