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Flight Plans

I finally got them!

Here it goes....
6:02am-7:31am - Salt Lake City to Denver - 391 miles
10:26am-3:36pm - Denver to Washington D.C. - 1452 miles
6:10pm-8:55am - Washington D.C. to Vienna - 4464 miles
10:30am-2:55pm - Vienna to Tel Aviv - 1470 miles

Total distance traveled: 7777 miles

I think it's funny I fly from Salt Lake, home to Denver, where I'll get to hang out in the airport for a few hours. The almost 9 hour flight from D.C. to Vienna (because of the time change) should be an experience. It's also crazy that I leave at 6 in the morning on January 5th and I will get to Israel at 3pm on the 6th. The nine hour time change should be interesting as well.

I'm definitely excited about this next week!


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