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I feel like the last few days have been jam packed!

Saturday (Sabbath): We had breakfast at 8. Church at 10. We have sacrament meeting in the beautiful auditorium. It was a little distracting to have such an amazing view right behind the speaker. One of my favorite parts about church was learning about the relief society president. She was born here in Israel but she didn't hear about the gospel or get baptized until she moved to Provo. She said that just proves that it's not necessarily the location but the events that took place there that really matter.

After church we went to the Garden of Gethsemane. We walk through the Orson Hyde Memorial park to get there. The Orson Hyde park is absolutely gorgeous. If I remember correctly someone donated $1 million to the church and the church asked the government if they could landscape and maintain that land. So they don't own it but they sure keep it beautiful. At the Garden of Gethsemane there are a few different areas. If you tell the guards that you are Mormon they will let you into this separate little garden on the side. They will unlock it for you and lock you in so you're the only ones in there. It was SUPER cool. Everyone was just chatting on the walk down Orson Hyde but the second we all got into the Garden we all quieted down and went our separate ways and sat down to write in journals or read scriptures. It was really neat.

Sunday was our free day. We had breakfast at 7 and headed out to the city at 8:30. First we went to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. The Dome of the Rock was so cool. Sometimes I think I'm still in shock. I couldn't believe that I was actually looking at the Dome of the Rock. It is so beautiful. The Temple Mount is really really cool. After we did this we went and bought tickets to do the Ramparts walk. There are 2 sides of the walk. One is more cultural and one is more natural (at least that's what the lady at the tourist office said. I think they're both really cultural). So we did both halves but in between we went to the money changer and had lunch. I bought a falafel because the sandwiches they gave us in the sack lunch were tuna. Hate tuna. Anyway the falafel was pretty good. Kind of weird but I think I just need to get used to it. I think my favorite part of the day was the Muslim funeral we just happened to see while we were on top of the wall. Tons of people were walking out of Lion's gate and we weren't sure at first what all of the people were doing, but then we saw some guys carrying a big box. Then we realized that there was a body in the box (it only had a blanket on top of it, no lid). All of the people started walking into the Muslim cemetery. We watched them walk a little ways away. A few minutes later we see a guy walking back towards us, out of the cemetery with the box. Empty! They just like dumped the guy out. Crazy. We couldn't even believe it. The guy just leaned the box up against the wall like it was no big deal. Like there wasn't just a dead guy in that box.

Anyway, on Saturday we also went to West Jerusalem and got some Gelato, back into the old city I bought some Jesus sandals. And I'll just add that the guy at first wanted me to pay like 85 shekels but I ended up paying 50. What else.....hmmm....we walked home through Orson Hyde. Saturday night I ushered for a JC concert series concert. It was really good but I was really really tired so the beautiful, relaxing classical music kept making me dose off. I went to bed at 9:30. It was a crazy long day and I didn't even stay up late.

Today we went on a field trip. We went to 5 different places around Jerusalem. Mostly to places with really good views so we could try to orient ourselves to the land. We went to Nabi Samwil, the Augusta Victoria bell tower, 7 Arches hotel lookout, and 2 other places I can't remember right now. One of them was right next to the place BYU students used to live before the Center was built. There was a really good view of Bethlehem from that spot.

Tonight we had our first FHE. I'm an FHE mom.

This is the longest post ever.

My roommates are really cool. Lindsay and Emma. This is Lindsay's 2nd study abroad and Emma's 3rd. Crazy! Lindsay's been to the Caribbean and Emma's been to Paris and London. Lindsay is from Murray, Utah and Emma is from Oregon.


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