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Flying into Tel Aviv

I live here! Isn't that amazing?

Room 411: Me, Emma, Lindsay - beautiful sunset

Street in the Old City

Western Wall - we're going here again on Friday night so I'll have more pictures and more information about this later.

Dome of the Rock

These pictures don't even come close to showing how really beautiful this building is.

Women walking on the Temple Mount

Bethlehem behind me

Allison this ones for you... Surveying in the Holy Land. This was on the same hill where the last picture was taken.

Rooftops in the Old City.

This is what we saw while walking the ramparts. A dead guy. For more information see previous post.

Dormition Abbey - gorgeous

Crypt of Dormition Abbey - Isn't this amazing?

Walking through the Orson Hyde Memorial Park on our way to...

The Garden of Gethsemane

I've only been here 8 days and I've taken something like 550 pictures so be ready, more pictures to come.


  1. So cool!!! I want to see all 550 photos!


  2. I can't believe you were standing in the Garden. What an amazing experience! Can't wait to see more! Soak it all in! ~Laura

  3. Love the pictures. You need to have your mom put all 550+ pictures to music and have a spectacular video when you get home. What an amazing opportunity for you.....savor every moment. BTW...our google acount says Scott but it is Sarah!

  4. Corina - it's so awesome that you are there!!! Thanks for sharing all of this on your blog. I love you!


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