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Western Wall on Shabbat and The Garden Tomb


Last night we went to the Western Wall to watch how the Jews welcome Shabbat, their Sabbath. On Shabbat they don't do any work; it is a day of rest. Here in Jerusalem there are Shabbat elevators that open on every floor so they don't have to push any buttons. So Shabbat starts at sundown and the sunset was at 4:58 last night. We got there around like 4:35 I think. We started writing down little prayers to stick in the wall and this lady walks up to us and tells us that there's no writing on Shabbat. She was almost like the religious police. After sundown you can't take any pictures either. Everyone would tell you to put your camera away if you had it out. was a pretty neat experience. It was really interesting to see how the men act compared to the women. On the men's side they were all singing and dancing around but on the women's side they were mostly all just standing there or quietly talking, reading, or praying. It was really interesting. Another thing that I thought was cool was that on the men's side all of the men were standing by other men with the same hats. The men wear different hats according to which sect they're from. I'll have to put some pictures on here of some of these hats.

Little side note: At Aladdin's (the money changer) all of the former JC students leave notes for the next semester of students. One of them that I really liked said something like, "Stand still in the holy places and know that He is God." I really like that.

I think a big part of this program is to teach us how to respect other religions and other people. At the Western Wall if you just stepped back and looked around you knew that the people were there to practice their religion. Even though that place isn't sacred to me I know that it is to them.

Today after church we went to the Garden Tomb. It was a really neat, very peaceful and quiet. We had a funny British guide who was really excited to tell us about what an "awesome God" we have. He was funny. He said, "Ok, so some of you may have already been here but for those of you who haven't, I'm going to tell you the secret. The tomb is empty!" He was a funny guy. He said Amen a lot too.


  1. ahh! what a cool trip you're on! It looks amazing. I hope you are having the time of your life!

  2. Sounds like you are having a great experience. Take care and I can not wait until you are home.


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