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Free Day

I spent my day with Dan and Madison. We started our day by going to mass at the Notre Dame Centre at 9.

I had never been to mass before so it was pretty neat to go and see what that was like. Then we wandered into the Old City through New Gate and ended up at the Latin Patriarchate sitting in another mass for a few minutes. Both buildings were beautiful. I especially loved the second one.

After this we still had some time to kill before we needed to be at the YMCA to ring the bells. So we drifted through the Old City and looked at some shops and moseyed through the mall to the YMCA.

At the Crocs store at the Mall

I played Sweet Hour of Prayer again (it's the easiest one. ha). I got to do the 12 rings on the hour though so that was fun. I seriously love playing the bells, I feel like I'm leaving my Mormon mark on Jerusalem. After ringing the bells we headed to David's Citadel Museum, which I found out has nothing to do with David but was actually misnamed. Weird. Anyway this museum was way cool. They turned different parts of the citadel into exhibits about different periods of Jerusalem. It really helped me to see maps and displays from each time period. I really feel like it helped me to connect the different things I've been learning in all of my classes. After the citadel we went home through the Old City and Lion's gate after a shawarma stop and a ton of t-shirt shops. It was a good day!


  1. okay i feel like i know dan for some reason...weird. maybe he was in one of my classes or something?? playing the bells sounds really cool! can you hear them throughout jerusalem? and by the way i would definitely play sweet hour of prayer too(i think we sang that or choose the righ in young women's most weeks because those were the two that i could play haha)

  2. okay i figured it out. dan was my cousin's roommate last semester. i feel like my cousin said he is engaged. is that right?

  3. Haha, that's so funny. Yeah Dan is engaged. He's getting married 7 days after we get home. Yikes! That's so funny that he was your cousin's roommate.


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