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February Update

Lots of posts today....

Things are going great. I haven't really said what I've been up to lately! I don't really like writing long blog posts so I'm going to try to keep this short. Let's see since Egypt I've had a 7 page paper due, 2 midterms, 2 field trips, and lots of trips to the city.

February 1st - A big group of us all went to a Israel Philharmonic Concert.

February 2nd - Elias' House. Funny story: He walked to the store all by himself to get food because he knew we were coming. He bought juice, chip, peanuts, cashews, ice cream bars....What a nice guy.

February 3rd - Walked to an Argentinian Bakery in West Jerusalem in the pouring rain. I got soaked. I did get some cheesecake though, so I think it was worth it.

February 4th - Old Testament and Judaism Midterms. We also had cleaning checks this morning, so the beginning of this day was a little bit hectic. But in the afternoon we went to another bakery. Probably the best bakery in the world. No joke. It's called Marizpan, and I will admit that I went there twice in one week. It's that good.

February 5th - Nothing too exciting, just went to the Old City (doesn't that sound funny? No big deal, I just walked around the Old City). You never know what you're going to see in the Old it just happened to be some sharks:

February 6th - Garden Tomb after church

February 7th - FREE DAY! I went to City Hall and saw a cool model of Jerusalem that they use for city planning. We had pizza for lunch, went back to the bakery, to a few book stores, to the King David Hotel, and home through the City of David and the Old City.

8th - Field trip...see previous post

February 9th - Walked around the old city, the Jewish quarter, went back to the Western Wall. We tried to go see Oskar Schindler's grave but it was closed. So I'll have to try to go see that another day. The boys at the center have been growing mustaches. They call themselves the Mustache Militia. They had a mustache night at the Dan Jones (the snack bar, named after one of the boys here) , where poetry was read, songs were sung, etc... all supporting the stache.

February 10th - On our free day we met a man at the Post Office. His name is Ibrahim (check out his website here). A group of us went to his house yesterday afternoon. More info about this to come.

Carrie, Maddison, Ibrahim, Bentley, Dan Jones, Diana, Dan King, Me
Steve, Gage, Eric, Greg, Jordan

By the way, I do have classes, so the things I do are in the afternoon when we have free time. I try to get out of the Center everyday. Right now I'm at Hebrew University.

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  1. Please don't bring home a shark souvenir. (It would make your luggage stink!)


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