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Our Field Trip on Monday was to Bethlehem. I had a great time! We went to the Applied Research Institute and listened to a guy talk about the changing boundaries and some of the Israeli Settlements. Then we went to Bethlehem University, which was really cool because we never get to see kids our age. So it was neat to talk to them a little bit and just to see so many kids just like us. We ate lunch at The Tent and it was SO good. Then we headed to the Church of the Nativity, which was pretty cool too. It's the oldest church in all of Christianity. It commemorates the place where Jesus was born.

Church at Bethlehem University - It was so beautiful! Maybe one of the most beautiful ones I have seen yet...and I have seen a lot.

At the Tent - We started the meal with some salad-like things with pitas. 2 kinds of hummas, lots of salad was really tasty. Then we had some chicken and lamb with roasted tomatos and some fries. AND unlimited soda!

Nativity Square

The ceiling formed a cross and was made out of super cool looking wood. The windows were neat too. I think I have pictures like this in a lot of the churches I've been to since I've been here.

^^Where the manger supposedly was...

Mom, I decided to buy an olive wood nativity! What do you think? It will probably cost a little bit to ship it home but I'm pretty sure it'll be worth it.

Mmmm and at the end of the day we headed past Stars & Bucks.


  1. I love your photos! (The olive wood nativity is a little large but we can store it in your bedroom!)

  2. pretty pictures! and those panorama pictures are awesome too! ps.. you're lookin' nice and tan. i'm jealous!


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