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Galilee | Itinerary and pictures


I did so many things while I was in Galilee. I am going to attempt to write a little bit about the trip. We’ll see how this goes. If I write about everything it will take forever and will be the longest post of all time so I’m just going to write about the favorites and just name or mention the others. Everything was amazing so choosing the favorites might be a little difficult.

15th –
Nazareth –We went to some really neat churches. The Church of the Annunciation was really pretty. They had lots of different countries send mosaics of their view of the annunciation or the birth of Christ. I love mosaics so I really enjoyed walking around and looking at all of these.
While we were in Nazareth we also went to a small synagogue which is believed to be near the location of the synagogue where the Savior declared his Messiah ship, but was not accepted, in his hometown.

16th –
Class day
Bonfire with everyone

17th –
Mt of Beatitudes – I loved the Mount of Beatitudes. There is a beautiful church with some beautiful gardens. I loved this. We had a little program where Brother Manscill and Brother Brown talked to us and then two people I always love hearing from, John and Stella, each gave a little message about their favorite part of the Sermon on the Mount. Then we had some free time to walk around and take pictures or read our scriptures or write in our journal. It was just a really peaceful place. After Mt. of Beatitudes we walked down to Tabgha. It was a nice little walk because we got to see a little more of the land and see what some of the fields were like.
St. Peter’s Primacy – I loved the Churches that are built right along the Sea. This was one of them.
Tabgha – Church commemoration feeding of 5000
Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee – While I was in this little boat riding across the Sea of Galilee I think I had a few moments of true bliss. I had my ipod on and was just looking at the sun shine across the water thinking about the message Michael gave and the words of “Master, the Tempest is Raging” which we sung. “Earth’s sun in the calm lake is mirrored” It was so calm and peaceful. It was a great day.

18th –
Hike to waterfall
Fish restaurant and then Ice Cream – This was fun except I don’t like fish and my camera broke and hasn’t worked since. So maybe fun is the wrong word.

19th –
Kayaking on the Jordan River

20th – Sabbath
The branch in Tiberias meets in a house on the Sea of Galilee. The Church bought this little house and remodeled it to fit their needs. The branch president and his wife live in part of the house and there are classrooms and an area that is like the chapel. The chapel part is just the main room in the house, right when you walk in. There is a HUGE window with the most amazing view of the Sea of Galilee. I think more distracting than the view of the Old City from the Auditorium.
Yardenet - Mass baptisms
Jordan River
Fireside about the history of the Branch

I love this. "You my boy! I really get love an aloha fo you"

21st –
Class day

22nd –
Mt. Tabor/Mt of Transfiguration - The buses dropped us off at the bottom of the mountain and then we had to take taxis up because the roads were too twisty for the buses. There is a really pretty church on top. Like all of the other sites. We had a message. Like all of the other sites. Ok...yes things are often very similar but each are special in their own way. One thing that was funny at this site was that while we were singing in the church (like at all of the other sites) this man started filming us. We sang like 3 or 4 songs and he filmed us the whole time and was walking around zooming in on our faces. It was funny.
Bet Alpha
Beth Shean
Gan Ha-Shelosha (swimming)

23rd –
Nimrod’s Castle
Golan Heights
Class bonfire – I gave a message about how I know Heavenly Father loves me.

24th –
Akko – Old Akko
Al-Jazaar Mosque
Beth Shearim
Mt. Arbal
Bonfire testimony meeting – We had the bonfires on the beach right next to the Sea of Galilee. How neat is it that I got to bear my testimony of the Savior next to the Sea of Galilee?

25th –
Baha'i Gardens – BEAUTIFUL!
Templar Cemetery

Back to the JC

I loved Galilee because it was so peaceful. I just felt like life slowed down a little bit. Even though we were running around and going to lots of sites, the intense emphasis on the Savior’s life made each day exciting for me. Galilee was absolutely gorgeous. We had amazing weather and then on top of that I loved that I was there in the spring time. The hills were so green, everything was beautiful and full of life. I think one of my favorite moments the whole time I was there was when I was riding on the boat. I just really had a chance to think about things in my life that I like and things that I want to change. The main thing I learned in Galilee was that life is what I make it. If I want to be outgoing and active it is up to me. If I think big and aim high I will be happier in life. I love being around these kids because I'm pretty sure every single one gets good grades, is extremely talented, and never makes any mistakes. Just kidding...but seriously...Being around them makes me want to be a better person and I love that. I love being around people who make me want to be the best I can.

Anyway...this blog post isn't quite what I thought it was going to be but I think I'll call it good. Look forward to Galilee, Tel Aviv, and a few other pictures soon...(and not too many more...because my dang camera broke).


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