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Knesset and Shrine of the Book

For our free day on Sunday we went to the Bible Lands Museum, The Knesset, and to the Israel Museum and saw the Shrine of the Book and the mini model of Jerusalem during the time of Herod. It was a long but fun day!

Shrine of the Book - This is all about the Dead Sea scrolls. Underneath this dome thing (which is made to look like the lid of the vase they found them in) is a room where there are some of the Dead Sea Scrolls on display.

Diana and I at the model

Check out the pictures in your Bible. This is where the picture of the Temple of Herod was taken.

Does this look familiar?

How about the Hebrew version?

At the Israel Museum they have a cool Art Garden. This is one of the pieces there.

This was also in the Art Garden. It was this square room, dug into the side of the hill with super white walls. This picture is of the ceiling (it is a square, it was just hard to get a picture of the whole thing). It was so cool! We had little audio guides and they said something about how the square frames the sky so it is a frame of an ever changing picture. I laid on the floor and just watched the sky for a while. It was really neat!

We took a tour of the Knesset which was really neat.

This was my favorite part. Chagall Hall. Marc Chagall is a Jewish artist from Russia. He made the three tapestries hanging on the wall. Each one represents a time in the history of the Jews: past, present, and future. There was also a gorgeous mosaic on the wall and little ones on the floor.

Also while we were at the Knesset we got to see some of Da Vinci's papers. They are at the Knesset for a little while on loan from Italy. Those were amazing!

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  1. Looks like a cool museum. I like the Hebrew version of LOVE. And the white room thing sounds cool too.


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