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Last night I threw my hair in some braids and borrowed Jeff's belt buckle (I look like a cowgirl, right?) and headed to a Purim dance party. Purim is a Jewish holiday commemorating Esther and the deliverance of the Jewish people. It's kind of like our Halloween, everyone dresses up. We had some good costumes...some of the guys wore those wedding dresses we got from Ibrahim, we had some zombies, hippies, soccer players, a few Waldos, overall we looked great! On Friday we had a guy come to the center and teach us some Israeli folk dances and he told us that we were welcome to come to his Purim dance party as his guests and get in for free. I don't think he knew that 67 of us actually would come. We had a great time. We only knew a few of the dances (the ones he had taught us on Friday) but we still tried to learn and follow along with some of the other ones. Mostly we all just danced around like goofballs and had a really good time.

Steve (Waldo impersonator), Me (Cowgirl), Jon (Zombie), Jill (Hippie)


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