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2010 LIST

The things in BOLD I've already finished...

1.Airport road loop – Stop to see cranes, pelicans and geese. Also watch the planes fly over.
2.Allen's on 3rd South
3.Allred's orchards for the state's best fresh produce (Apple cider)
4.Antelope Island
5.Artificial beach – Daybreak
6.Bean Museum
7.Bicentennial Park – Walk the boardwalk and learn about the wetlands
8.Bombay House – Try a mango lasse
9.Bonneville Shoreline Trail – Rock Canyon to Slate Canyon and back
10.Brick Oven
11.Bridal Veil Falls
12.BYU basketball game - Jordan and I went to the game in SLC at Energy Solutions against Arizona. We went to Hires afterward. Yum!
13.BYU football game
14.Call 801-373-912# (Forecast)
16.Cherry Lane Boutique – Across street from Library - buy something
17.Classic skating
18.Communal – Order the pot roast
19.Covey Center – Go to a performance
20.Creamery on Ninth – Ice Cream
21.Day's Market – Try a pre-made deli sandwich (Tuscan Turkey?)
22.Despain Trail on the shores of Utah Lake
23.DownEasts basics – Pick up a couple basic t-shirts in solid colors and pair them with flirty dresses
24.Downtown (Provo or SLC) – People-watching
25.Driving range – Any golf course
26.Duck pond - Feed the ducks
27.El Azteca
28.Flower Basket – buy a bouquet of flowers
29.Food and Care Coalition – Volunteer
30.Footprinters Park - Fishing
31.Fort Utah
32.Freedom Festival activities
33.Gloria's Little Italy – Gnocchi
34.Great Harvest Bread co. – Slice of bread for $1.00
35.Gurus – Sweet potato fries
36.Heber Creeper
37.IFA Country Store
38.J Dawgs
39.Juice n' Java – Order a white hot chocolate
40.Lady Danburry Tailoring and Design for custom women's clothing
41.Las Vegas
42.Lion's Park mid-century modern concrete pavilion--installment art in a cool park
43.Living Room – Hike
44.Lover's Lane
45.Macey's – Pay with pennies soft serve ice cream cone
46.Maeser neighborhood to look at the historic bungalows
47.Magelby's – Breakfast
48.Mercado Latino – Buy fresh tortillas for dinner
50.Mt. Timpanogus – Hike
51.Museum of Art BYU – Spend an afternoon - Jordan and I went to the Carl Bloch show and loved it
52.Nicotalia Pizzeria – Boston-style pizza
53.Olmstead--the neighborhood at the mouth of Provo Canyon (North Canyon Hills Road)
54.Osmond Lane
55.Peaks Arena – Ice skate - We went to Freezefest and had a great time ice skating and playing broomball
56.Pioneer Village @ Provo's North Park
57.Pizza Pie Cafe
58.Provo Bakery – Sugar cookie
59.Provo Canyon picnics
60.Provo city council meeting
61.Provo Library - Tour...ok we didn't go on a tour, but we did go to the doll house show.
62.Provo River Parkway trail
63.Provo Tabernacle – See a performance - OH NO! I won't be able to do this now... :(
64.Provo Temple grounds – Walk around
65.Provo's Farmers Market (May-October)
66.Rancheritos (formerly Betos) – Breakfast burrito
67.Reams on West Center Street - CLOSED...but I went to a Reams in Sandy...
68.Rice King – Eat the egg rolls
69.Riverbottom mansions
70.Rock Canyon – Hike
71.Rock Canyon park – Ice blocking or roll down hills, or both
72.Ron Last Park to Bridal Veil Park
73.Rooster – Eat with chopsticks
74.Run ½ marathon
75.Salt Flats
76.Sammy's – Pie shake
77.Shirley's bakery – Cinnamon rolls
78.Slate Canyon – Hike
79.Smith Field House – Jog a mile
80.Soel Boutique in the Riverwoods - Went here and loved it!
82.St. George
83.Stan's - fries
84.Startup's Candy co. and buy the world's first candy bar with a filling--the Opera Bar. Also buy a box of Magnolias.
85.Stewart Falls
86.Sundance in the Summer
87.Sundance in the Winter
88.Sunset View Park – Enjoy the view of the mountain range
89.Sweet Tooth Fairy – Try a vaNIElla cupcake
90.The Center for Family History and Genealogy on campus
91.Thrillionaires show
92.Tinfoil dinners
93.Tommy Burger
94.Uncle Bud's park - Try to find
95.Utah Lake – Bike ride - I tried...but I got 2 flat tires on my bike...ridiculous! Jordan and I made tinfoil dinners at Utah Lake counts.
96.Utah Lake - Walk on frozen
97.Velour – See a show
98.Westridge Park – Try the swings
99.Will's Pit Stop – Get gas
100.Y Mountain –Hike
101.Zion’s National Park

Back to Provo life

After a whirlwind trip home I am back out at school. I'm all moved in and pretty much settled in the new place. It's just about 2 blocks closer to campus than the Arch house so that's definitely nice. It's good to be with my roommates and friends again. I'm not sure if I'm totally adjusted yet but I'm getting there.

When I was walking to class this morning in the rain/hail I really just wanted to see someone from Jerusalem, any of the 81 kids. My class was in the Tanner Building and I was about to cross the street a little bit sad that I didn't see anyone, and then I look to the other side of the crosswalk and there was Elizabeth! I was so excited to see her. Later I saw Greg. I was also excited to see him.

This Spring I'm taking English 316 and Dynamics (CE EN 204). My English teacher seems pretty cool, I think I'm going to like her. I'm the only girl in my Dynamics class. This is the first time this has happened. I figured it might happen eventually but was hoping that it wouldn't. My best friends in the Civil Engineering program are all girls and I love having classes with them and it's sad that they're not in there with me, but Allison is in my English class so that is good. It was good to see her after so long!

Hmmm...what else....I decided to take this list and change it a little bit and make is my own. So I have 101 things I want to do before 2011. Mostly it is my summer list but I had to give myself some of the fall time because there are a few things that need cold weather or will just be more fun in the fall. Yesterday I checked 4 off my list, I think that's a pretty good start.

We had Family Home Evening on Monday with some kids from our new ward and even though they were all very nice and they gave me yummy cinnamon rolls I was really missing this:

I don't know if I've mentioned this or not but FHE was one of my very favorite parts of Jerusalem (I've learned that I have a really hard time picking my favorite Jerusalem things, everything ends up being a favorite...) I love the Ohana. back in Provo has been great so far!
Mount of Olives

Thanks to Lindsay for her amazing photography skills, I now have a new background on my computer.

Things I'm going to miss

Tonight we had a little closing meeting in the Upper Auditorium. A few kids shared some things they have learned, or things they are going to miss, and then we listened to Brother Whipple play the organ for a little while. It was a great meeting. One of my favorite things about Jerusalem is how sometimes there are fireworks over the city, sometimes for weddings, but tonight for Independence Day. It was an amazing fireworks show with the organ music. I decided to try to make a list of some of the things I'm going to miss. Here it goes.

-Living so close to class
-Cold cut Fridays
-Humanitarian Aid
-pianos everywhere, my favorite is seminar room 2
-no texting, not really having a cell phone
-no facebook, now I waste my time in other ways...
-intense emphasis on the scriptures
-library right upstairs
-Sabbath afternoons at the Garden of Gethsemane, Garden Tomb, Orson Hyde
-Seeing fireworks over the Old City
-The sound of the Organ in the Auditorium
-Elissa playing the Uke
-walking up to the computer lab to see everyone having fun
-sitting out on the 7th floor balcony
-Greg's testimony
-Oasis, not making my own food
-Security guards, waving to them as I walk in
-roses, I'm really going to miss all of the flowers. I've never liked roses until I came here. I still don't like red ones but all of the other colors are SO beautiful
-FHE, I love my little Ohana
-Ultra orthodox Jews, crazy hats, curls, walking with a purpose
-little kids running around in the city
-walking through the Kidron, yes, I will even miss the steep hill
-Oh, oh, Hey girl!
-Emma getting out of bed and ready in 45 seconds and beating Lindsay and I out the door
-Shabban giving us juice
-little kids waving to us on the walk home
-breakfast with Michael and Bryan
-special Mormon price
-Luke Lectures
-Jackson's in the Oasis
-Eric Bushman's laugh
-church, looking at the Old City
-Computer lab
-Whipples, Sister Whipple's sweet little comments
-Random late light chats
-Lauren's Haikus
-Listen to me! Snap, Snap
-Bible Jon always saying hi to me
-Gretchen saying she likes my face
-Steven, pray voice convos
-Sleeping on the porch
-Emmett kids
-sunsets, best ever
-Wednesday's at the Dan Jones
-T-shirt shops
-quiet personal time
-limited wardrobe, oh wait, I'm not going to miss this at all
-Nighttime basketball
-DaLynn's sharing
-little kids waving on the walk home

I'm going to miss lots of other things but that's a good start.

This week is here already?


I can't even believe that I come home this week. Where did the time go? I thought I was supposed to be here for 4 months? Didn't I just get back from Egypt? Oh wait...that was just about 12 weeks ago. I can't believe all of the things I've been able to see and do and all of the things I've been able to learn and feel. It has been quite the semester. I'm a little bit scared to jump back into real life...mostly real classes. I have enjoyed this little break for a while. Yesterday while I was laying on the beach, taking a break from snorkeling at the Red Sea, I decided this is how everyone should spend every finals week; just 3 easy tests and then a trip to the beach.

Tonight we have our pre-departure meeting (should find out a little bit more about that little volcano issue), tomorrow another field trip, Wednesday is our last day, just a free day, and then Thursday morning we leave the center at 3am. Yikes! Most of all I am really dreading those few minutes when we are driving away from the center, this beautiful place I have called my home for the last semester, not knowing whether or not I will ever come here again, and even if I do, just being a visitor...

If any of you students are thinking about coming to the Jerusalem Center, stop thinking and just come! Everyone should come. It'll change your life!

Top of Utah

Today I registered for a half marathon. CRAZY! I know. It's on my bucket list though, and I decided that there is no better time to do it than this summer. It's August 28th in Logan.

Sometimes I have been known not to be a very big fan of running, however I always love the feeling I get after running. There are a few other people here at the center who are going to run it with me. Now that I have registered and paid my $38 I'm committed.

Here are some of the reasons why I'm excited to do this:
-I'll be active all summer
-I'll be in good shape
-I want to run in the mornings - so this will get me out of bed early and to bed earlier
-Check it off my list of life goals - and who knows maybe I'll even really like it and want to do it again...
-I will be outside running for hours at a time - it's just a good reason to spend time outside

Right now I'm excited. I hope this excitement lasts until the end of the race.

What are you doing August 28th? Want to run a half marathon with me?

This post is ridiculous - really random pictures


Hinnom Valley

One time I climbed in Absalom's Pillar. It was great.

A few kids after a field trip

Pano from the upper balcony of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Good Friday - Via Dolorosa

Oskar Schindler's grave

St. Peter in Gallicantu

St. Peter in Gallicantu - my favorite

Palm Sunday Walk

A few Tel Aviv pics

Mediterranean Sea

Beach front - This colorful building looked sweet.

It was warm enough to swim but once the sun started to set it got a little bit chilly.

We went to the market in the morning, had some lunch, and then hit the beach the rest of the day. Around 6 we headed to dinner at a restaurant called Benedicts. They only serve breakfast. It was delicious. The taxis picked us up at 9 and we headed back to the center. It was a great day!


I have 3 finals in the next 2 days. I'm not too worried about them but this is where the problem lies. Class got out at 12. I had lunch and then I knew that I should start studying at some point but before then I wanted to shower and take a little nap. My little nap turned into a medium large nap and now it's almost 4 and I still haven't started studying. Here is what I have done though: read every post in my google reader, wrote 2 emails, formatted the study guide that I should have just read instead (it is really distracting to me when the study guide is messy) and I'm leaving to go to Hebrew University in 15 minutes. Guess I'll start studying after dinner?

The Dead Sea is...

4.11.2010 of my new favorite places! It's really a bummer that I will probably only be able to swim in it once in my life...

Let me clarify though. I did very little actual swimming. I walked into the water and when I was about waist deep I was told to just sit down. "What? Just sit down?" So I did it. My legs just popped right up and it was as if I was sitting in a chair in the water. Some kids were reading magazines, newspapers... a few kids even played cards in the deep water. The reason why I did very little actual swimming is because you can't really kick your feet under water because they just come right back up. It was so goofy. We found a good spot with some of that great black Dead Sea mud. I covered just about my entire body. I had a black swimming suit on so it looked super cool because I was all black! and Mom thanks for letting me borrow your swimming suit. Today on the bus I got the best swimming suit award. Nice.

Today we also went to Masada, Ein Gedi, and Qumran.

Masada is an ancient fortress. It was the last location of the Jewish freedom fighters against the Romans. We rode a tram to the top and spent a few hours walking around and looking at ruins. Brother Brown walked around with my class today which was really cool because one of the main excavators at this site was Yigael Yadin and Brother Brown was one of his students. It was really neat to hear his insight.

Ein Gedi was really pretty. I would say pictures to come but my list is backing up a little bit and pictures are slim in number these days...

Qumran is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Again Brother Brown was with my class. I just love hearing what he has to say. It was cool to see caves where these important texts were found. It was also kind of cool that Iwent to Qumran after I went to the Shrine of the Book because I already had some pretty good background knowledge about the location and the people.

It was a good day. I'm looking forward to snorkeling next Sunday!


Well I am back from Jordan. I was there for 4 days and it was amazing! We crammed so many things in so few days. We went to Jerash, Mt. Nebo, Amman, Madaba, and Petra to name a few places. Petra was definitely the highlight. It was beyond spectacular. Around every corner was something that surprised me with its beauty. It was so unique. I can't imagine making something like that or even just discovering something like that. The Treasury was really cool but the Monastery was even cooler. It was huge! One of my favorite parts about this trip has been being around so many BIG things. I am so intrigued by magnitude. The Karnak Temple in Egypt, Petra, makes me want to really open my mind and reach for the starts. I need to think BIG and achieve my full potential. The builders and designers of these masterpieces have left lasting marks on the world, created amazing buildings or landmarks that people travel thousands of miles to see.

On another note I can't even believe that I only have 13 days left. Totally ridiculous. I can't handle how fast time is flying by. Tomorrow we're watching conference, the last two sessions. I'm excited to watch. We watched the first two sessions on Saturday and Sunday of last week. It has been pretty weird waiting a week to hear the rest. Thursday and Friday we have finals, Saturday is our last Sabbath, Sunday we're going snorkeling in the Red Sea, and then we have the last days of Jesus' Life Field Trips, and then I'll be headed back to the States. So weird.

Anyway those are just some of my thoughts right now. Time for bed!


The Treasury


After checking out the Treasury and the Monastery I hiked up to the High Place with Jill, Kate, and Stella.


^^Here you go dad. Me and Brother Brown with his classic blue hat

King Abdullah Mosque in Amman

All of the girls in our lovely robes. We all looked like dementors. There may have even been a few Harry Potter pictures.
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