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The Dead Sea is...

4.11.2010 of my new favorite places! It's really a bummer that I will probably only be able to swim in it once in my life...

Let me clarify though. I did very little actual swimming. I walked into the water and when I was about waist deep I was told to just sit down. "What? Just sit down?" So I did it. My legs just popped right up and it was as if I was sitting in a chair in the water. Some kids were reading magazines, newspapers... a few kids even played cards in the deep water. The reason why I did very little actual swimming is because you can't really kick your feet under water because they just come right back up. It was so goofy. We found a good spot with some of that great black Dead Sea mud. I covered just about my entire body. I had a black swimming suit on so it looked super cool because I was all black! and Mom thanks for letting me borrow your swimming suit. Today on the bus I got the best swimming suit award. Nice.

Today we also went to Masada, Ein Gedi, and Qumran.

Masada is an ancient fortress. It was the last location of the Jewish freedom fighters against the Romans. We rode a tram to the top and spent a few hours walking around and looking at ruins. Brother Brown walked around with my class today which was really cool because one of the main excavators at this site was Yigael Yadin and Brother Brown was one of his students. It was really neat to hear his insight.

Ein Gedi was really pretty. I would say pictures to come but my list is backing up a little bit and pictures are slim in number these days...

Qumran is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Again Brother Brown was with my class. I just love hearing what he has to say. It was cool to see caves where these important texts were found. It was also kind of cool that Iwent to Qumran after I went to the Shrine of the Book because I already had some pretty good background knowledge about the location and the people.

It was a good day. I'm looking forward to snorkeling next Sunday!


  1. that's AMAZING that you got to swim in the dead sea. i hope you have a great last few week or so out there! miss ya.

  2. I know you said that pictures are not high on your priority list but I'm just not sure if I can wait two more weeks to see them!


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