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Well I am back from Jordan. I was there for 4 days and it was amazing! We crammed so many things in so few days. We went to Jerash, Mt. Nebo, Amman, Madaba, and Petra to name a few places. Petra was definitely the highlight. It was beyond spectacular. Around every corner was something that surprised me with its beauty. It was so unique. I can't imagine making something like that or even just discovering something like that. The Treasury was really cool but the Monastery was even cooler. It was huge! One of my favorite parts about this trip has been being around so many BIG things. I am so intrigued by magnitude. The Karnak Temple in Egypt, Petra, makes me want to really open my mind and reach for the starts. I need to think BIG and achieve my full potential. The builders and designers of these masterpieces have left lasting marks on the world, created amazing buildings or landmarks that people travel thousands of miles to see.

On another note I can't even believe that I only have 13 days left. Totally ridiculous. I can't handle how fast time is flying by. Tomorrow we're watching conference, the last two sessions. I'm excited to watch. We watched the first two sessions on Saturday and Sunday of last week. It has been pretty weird waiting a week to hear the rest. Thursday and Friday we have finals, Saturday is our last Sabbath, Sunday we're going snorkeling in the Red Sea, and then we have the last days of Jesus' Life Field Trips, and then I'll be headed back to the States. So weird.

Anyway those are just some of my thoughts right now. Time for bed!


The Treasury


After checking out the Treasury and the Monastery I hiked up to the High Place with Jill, Kate, and Stella.


^^Here you go dad. Me and Brother Brown with his classic blue hat

King Abdullah Mosque in Amman

All of the girls in our lovely robes. We all looked like dementors. There may have even been a few Harry Potter pictures.


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