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This week is here already?


I can't even believe that I come home this week. Where did the time go? I thought I was supposed to be here for 4 months? Didn't I just get back from Egypt? Oh wait...that was just about 12 weeks ago. I can't believe all of the things I've been able to see and do and all of the things I've been able to learn and feel. It has been quite the semester. I'm a little bit scared to jump back into real life...mostly real classes. I have enjoyed this little break for a while. Yesterday while I was laying on the beach, taking a break from snorkeling at the Red Sea, I decided this is how everyone should spend every finals week; just 3 easy tests and then a trip to the beach.

Tonight we have our pre-departure meeting (should find out a little bit more about that little volcano issue), tomorrow another field trip, Wednesday is our last day, just a free day, and then Thursday morning we leave the center at 3am. Yikes! Most of all I am really dreading those few minutes when we are driving away from the center, this beautiful place I have called my home for the last semester, not knowing whether or not I will ever come here again, and even if I do, just being a visitor...

If any of you students are thinking about coming to the Jerusalem Center, stop thinking and just come! Everyone should come. It'll change your life!


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