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Things I'm going to miss

Tonight we had a little closing meeting in the Upper Auditorium. A few kids shared some things they have learned, or things they are going to miss, and then we listened to Brother Whipple play the organ for a little while. It was a great meeting. One of my favorite things about Jerusalem is how sometimes there are fireworks over the city, sometimes for weddings, but tonight for Independence Day. It was an amazing fireworks show with the organ music. I decided to try to make a list of some of the things I'm going to miss. Here it goes.

-Living so close to class
-Cold cut Fridays
-Humanitarian Aid
-pianos everywhere, my favorite is seminar room 2
-no texting, not really having a cell phone
-no facebook, now I waste my time in other ways...
-intense emphasis on the scriptures
-library right upstairs
-Sabbath afternoons at the Garden of Gethsemane, Garden Tomb, Orson Hyde
-Seeing fireworks over the Old City
-The sound of the Organ in the Auditorium
-Elissa playing the Uke
-walking up to the computer lab to see everyone having fun
-sitting out on the 7th floor balcony
-Greg's testimony
-Oasis, not making my own food
-Security guards, waving to them as I walk in
-roses, I'm really going to miss all of the flowers. I've never liked roses until I came here. I still don't like red ones but all of the other colors are SO beautiful
-FHE, I love my little Ohana
-Ultra orthodox Jews, crazy hats, curls, walking with a purpose
-little kids running around in the city
-walking through the Kidron, yes, I will even miss the steep hill
-Oh, oh, Hey girl!
-Emma getting out of bed and ready in 45 seconds and beating Lindsay and I out the door
-Shabban giving us juice
-little kids waving to us on the walk home
-breakfast with Michael and Bryan
-special Mormon price
-Luke Lectures
-Jackson's in the Oasis
-Eric Bushman's laugh
-church, looking at the Old City
-Computer lab
-Whipples, Sister Whipple's sweet little comments
-Random late light chats
-Lauren's Haikus
-Listen to me! Snap, Snap
-Bible Jon always saying hi to me
-Gretchen saying she likes my face
-Steven, pray voice convos
-Sleeping on the porch
-Emmett kids
-sunsets, best ever
-Wednesday's at the Dan Jones
-T-shirt shops
-quiet personal time
-limited wardrobe, oh wait, I'm not going to miss this at all
-Nighttime basketball
-DaLynn's sharing
-little kids waving on the walk home

I'm going to miss lots of other things but that's a good start.


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