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Today I registered for a half marathon. CRAZY! I know. It's on my bucket list though, and I decided that there is no better time to do it than this summer. It's August 28th in Logan.

Sometimes I have been known not to be a very big fan of running, however I always love the feeling I get after running. There are a few other people here at the center who are going to run it with me. Now that I have registered and paid my $38 I'm committed.

Here are some of the reasons why I'm excited to do this:
-I'll be active all summer
-I'll be in good shape
-I want to run in the mornings - so this will get me out of bed early and to bed earlier
-Check it off my list of life goals - and who knows maybe I'll even really like it and want to do it again...
-I will be outside running for hours at a time - it's just a good reason to spend time outside

Right now I'm excited. I hope this excitement lasts until the end of the race.

What are you doing August 28th? Want to run a half marathon with me?

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  1. AHH! corina, that's so awesome! And your trip looks like it's been SO good. I would say i'm jealous... but i've been having an amazing time myself. Love love love, laura


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