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So I was having kind of a bad day last Friday. I spent like 6 hours working on Dynamics and it wasn't going so well. So after finishing up some homework I headed down from campus to Jordan's house. When I got there he suggested that we just go to a park for a while. We put some blankets in the car and headed to one of our favorite parks.

When we got to the park he said that he needed to put the registration stickers on his license plate and asked me if I could look in the owners manual to see how many miles per gallon his car is supposed to get (he recently had work done on his car so I thought this was normal and I wasn't really expecting anything). I while I'm looking this up, taking my sweet time, he's in the back getting everything ready. I had no idea.

Then this boy walks up with a lawnmower, looking like he's going to mow the grass at the park. This was funny because right when we drove up, I said that this park always looks like it is freshly mowed. It even had mow lines.... Anyway so since this boy is just standing there with his lawnmower I just kept looking at the owners manual for even longer because I figured we weren't in any kind of hurry. Finally I get out of the car and walk to the back where he is. He gave me some BEAUTIFUL flowers and asked if I would marry him! I said yes!

We're getting married August 20th in the Denver Temple. I'm very excited!


  1. awww! love it. i'm so happy for you!

  2. Aw, that's a cute story, good job Jordan! :) So happy for you guys!


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