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I just watched a video that was made by one of the boys who was in Jerusalem with me. I love how little things will bring me back there. I love how a little movie will make me miss it and wish I could be back there. I love how there are songs that will always remind me of Jerusalem. I love seeing pictures of Jerusalem. I especially love it when someone will read a scripture during a sacrament meeting or during a Sunday school lesson, and I'll instantly remember the place where it happened, or I'll remember what my teachers said while we were there. I also really love it when something little will take me back there in my mind as I'm walking to school or driving in the car. Occasionally I will have dreams that I'm there and I'll wake up missing it.

I throughly loved my time there and I will never forget the friends that I made or the places that I was able to visit, the spirit that I felt there, or the time I was able to spend learning about the Savior.

The night I came home I remember starting to cry as I pictured so vividly the places I had been just a few hours before that, that I might not get to see for a very long time. I remember picturing the beautiful Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall, and best of all the Center, with it's wonderful marble floors and huge windows. I will forever cherish the time I was able to spend as a student at the Jerusalem Center.

More wedding things...

Picture found here.
This is what I'm doing for my guest book. I'm about half done making it. I bought the mini envelopes at the same place I bought my announcement envelopes, online at

Picture found on the same website as above.
I'm just going to have desserts at the reception and I want it to look kind of like this. We already have the windows and this weekend I made the letters.

I like them!

Here's some of our centerpieces! I think they turned out really well. I like them a lot. I think they are very unique and still cute! The picture is kind of funny but believe me, they're way cuter in real life.

Today Jordan and I signed a contract for a place to live! Finding housing has been quite the long and grueling process and I'm finally glad that it all worked out and now we wont have to be homeless.

Before we signed the contract, I picked my dress up from the seamstress! I love it. I wish I could put a picture of it on my blog but I know Jordan looks at my blog occasionally and I don't want him to see it...ha. Oh well. I'll have to put it up later.

I usually feel like I am a pretty organized person, however with this wedding planning I just feel very unorganized. I'm not sure exactly why I feel like this or why it is happening like this but I'm trying my best.

Now that I have a place to live, I need to focus on selling my car and getting a job. Oh yeah...and school. That's pretty important too.

Tomorrow is Tara and Melissa's birthday. Love those girls. They're having a dessert night to celebrate and Tara asked me to make that delicious fruit pizza I have mentioned on here before. I'm excited.
The other night, while I was running I saw a pile of leaves under a tree. It really was shocking to me that the leaves were already falling off. But then I started thinking, well I guess it is almost August, and August is just about Fall. It was a big shock to me that the Summer is almost over and August is approaching soon, and along with it my wedding. I feel like I still have so much to do.


I've been having quite the stroke of bad luck lately...but I have been taking comfort in this quote from Elder Holland:

"If for a while the harder you try the harder it gets--take heart. So it has been with the best people that have ever lived."


I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone who reads my blog and will get an invitation in the mail, but I REALLY like my invitations and I wanted to put a picture of them on my blog...

I really like how they turned out. We finished stamping and addressing a majority of them tonight. It feels good to have those done. It will feel even better to take them to the post office.

I'm getting married! Yikes! 32 days...

Engagement pictures

Alturas 2010

I went to Jordan's family reunion last week. I had a really good time. It was a super quick trip, 6 hour drive Friday night after class and back on Sunday afternoon. I guess that's what you have to do if you have class Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays though. We went to Alturas Lake, in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. Jordan's family has been going there for years.

Saturday I went on a 6 mile run in the morning (still training for that half marathon), and spent the majority of the day at the lake. The water was pretty cold so I didn't really get in, but it was nice just relaxing, not thinking about school for a while. After the lake Jordan and I went on a little hike and then just spent time with the soon to be family the rest of the night. Sunday morning, we had a little church meeting and then a late breakfast, creme brulee French toast, one of my favorites, and then Jordan and I drove back home.

4th of July

I had a busy and fun weekend!

Friday night we went to the Real Salt Lake Soccer game. They won 5-0! Jordan and I took Dylan, Logan, and Alex with us, and we all had a great time. Dylan even caught a t-shirt they threw into the stands. After the game we watched the fireworks.

Saturday night we went to the Stadium of Fire.

I got to meet and get my picture taken with Carrie Underwood, which was way cool! I'll put that picture up in the middle of July, it's not available yet.

Jordan and I enjoying our second night of fireworks

On Saturday morning as well as Monday morning we woke up early to go watch the hot air balloons.

Happy 4th of July! I had a great weekend. I hope you did too!

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