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I just watched a video that was made by one of the boys who was in Jerusalem with me. I love how little things will bring me back there. I love how a little movie will make me miss it and wish I could be back there. I love how there are songs that will always remind me of Jerusalem. I love seeing pictures of Jerusalem. I especially love it when someone will read a scripture during a sacrament meeting or during a Sunday school lesson, and I'll instantly remember the place where it happened, or I'll remember what my teachers said while we were there. I also really love it when something little will take me back there in my mind as I'm walking to school or driving in the car. Occasionally I will have dreams that I'm there and I'll wake up missing it.

I throughly loved my time there and I will never forget the friends that I made or the places that I was able to visit, the spirit that I felt there, or the time I was able to spend learning about the Savior.

The night I came home I remember starting to cry as I pictured so vividly the places I had been just a few hours before that, that I might not get to see for a very long time. I remember picturing the beautiful Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall, and best of all the Center, with it's wonderful marble floors and huge windows. I will forever cherish the time I was able to spend as a student at the Jerusalem Center.


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