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More wedding things...

Picture found here.
This is what I'm doing for my guest book. I'm about half done making it. I bought the mini envelopes at the same place I bought my announcement envelopes, online at

Picture found on the same website as above.
I'm just going to have desserts at the reception and I want it to look kind of like this. We already have the windows and this weekend I made the letters.

I like them!

Here's some of our centerpieces! I think they turned out really well. I like them a lot. I think they are very unique and still cute! The picture is kind of funny but believe me, they're way cuter in real life.

Today Jordan and I signed a contract for a place to live! Finding housing has been quite the long and grueling process and I'm finally glad that it all worked out and now we wont have to be homeless.

Before we signed the contract, I picked my dress up from the seamstress! I love it. I wish I could put a picture of it on my blog but I know Jordan looks at my blog occasionally and I don't want him to see it...ha. Oh well. I'll have to put it up later.

I usually feel like I am a pretty organized person, however with this wedding planning I just feel very unorganized. I'm not sure exactly why I feel like this or why it is happening like this but I'm trying my best.

Now that I have a place to live, I need to focus on selling my car and getting a job. Oh yeah...and school. That's pretty important too.

Tomorrow is Tara and Melissa's birthday. Love those girls. They're having a dessert night to celebrate and Tara asked me to make that delicious fruit pizza I have mentioned on here before. I'm excited.


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