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4 days...

days and counting!

The last couple days have been jam packed.

Annett had a birthday...
The big 50! We went up to Salt Lake and went to Buca Di Beppo for lunch.

Jordan and I went to a Jack Johnson concert later that night.
Waiting for the show to start...

(By the way, I know I have posted a lot of pictures of me wearing this it's not my only shirt, yes I do really like it...)

He was amazing! It's really cool to go to a concert where you like just about every song ever written by that person. It was SO good.

You can't really tell from this picture but we were super close, like 3 people away from the stage.

Besides the birthday festivities and the concert, we have been packing and moving all of our stuff to our new place. Sunday morning we headed to Colorado and now we're just waiting for Friday, making sure that everything is going according to plans. With one exception...Jordan forgot his suit pants! Silly kid! We took some bridal type pictures tonight and before we left we realized Jordan didn't have his pants so we had to make a quick run to the store to buy some replacements...

8 days...


That's right. Another countdown post. I kind of like it. It give me something to blog about everyday. Everyday might be a little bit excessive but for a little while I think it is ok, especially considering that I am expecting to be very very busy soon, with school starting and everything.

Yesterday I had 2 job interviews, and I took my final. My final went well and as I was leaving the classroom I noticed that I had a voice mail. I got a job! Finally! I'm so glad. It will work perfectly with my schedule.

8 things I'm excited for in the next 8 days:
1. Jack Johnson concert tomorrow!
2. Getting a manicure and pedicure
3. Back to Colorado
4. Cancun! (technically that's in 9 days...oh well)
5. Seeing lots of family
6. No school or homework
7. Going to the temple
8. Getting married!

These blog posts are probably comical because of all of the wedding excitement, but don't worry they will end soon. Then you can read about my newlywed excitement! Ha.

9 days...


Here's the picture from the 4th of July I promised...
My cousin Alex, me, my BFF Carrie, and my uncle Jim...

Mind you that I had flip flops on and that she had super high heels. Even with the heels I'm still taller than her. She was tiny. It was one of my favorite Stadiums of Fire yet.

I probably shouldn't be blogging right now considering that I have a final in an hour and 3 minutes minutes....

10 days...

days until......

11 days...


14 days...


For some reason the number 14 is important to me today...but I can't think of why...

The atomic number of silicon?
The number of days in a fortnight?
14 points from Woodrow Wilson?
Number of lines in a sonnet?

Oh! 14 days until I get MARRIED!

YIKES! I can't believe it! I'm very excited to marry Jordan and to start our life together. I think I'm ready for the most part but two things that would really help would be to find a good job and to sell my car. I've pretty much been trying all summer to do both. My bridal shower was on Wednesday. I had such a good time! I have great friends and family. Some people had to drive through traffic, hail, and rain to get there. It meant a lot to me that they were able to make it.

14 days and counting.

If you were an ice cream flavor, you'd be my favorite one...

Last night Jordan and I went to the Mindy Gledhill concert. It was SO good. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I can't wait to buy her new CD. The Thrillionaires also performed and they were totally hilarious. They gave 3 gifts to people in the audience. The first one was for the couple married the shortest...the second was for the couple married the longest. We so badly wanted them to ask for the couple getting married the soonest. I think we could have won.

Afterwards we went to Spoon me, neither of us had been there before. We ate our Ice Cream at our new apartment! Because we got the keys yesterday! Yay!
Dear Wedding,
I'm tired of planning you.
Can you be over in 19 days?

Dear Jordan,
Hurry back from California.
I miss you.

Dear church today,
Thanks for being good to me.

Dear Tara and Melissa,
I'm excited for this weekend!
Park City here we come!

Dear Linear Algebra,
Are we done yet?
Oh and no more tests?
Oh 2 more. Dang.

Dear August,
I know you're going to be a stressful and busy busy month.
Please be nice to me.

Dear Li-Sha,
You're getting married SO soon!
I'm excited for you!

Dear Air Conditioning,
Can you PLEASE stop breaking?
Our house is hot.

Dear Summer,
Thanks for being a good one.

We watched this in Relief Society today. I'm not sure if there was a dry eye in the room.
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