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14 days...


For some reason the number 14 is important to me today...but I can't think of why...

The atomic number of silicon?
The number of days in a fortnight?
14 points from Woodrow Wilson?
Number of lines in a sonnet?

Oh! 14 days until I get MARRIED!

YIKES! I can't believe it! I'm very excited to marry Jordan and to start our life together. I think I'm ready for the most part but two things that would really help would be to find a good job and to sell my car. I've pretty much been trying all summer to do both. My bridal shower was on Wednesday. I had such a good time! I have great friends and family. Some people had to drive through traffic, hail, and rain to get there. It meant a lot to me that they were able to make it.

14 days and counting.


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