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8 days...


That's right. Another countdown post. I kind of like it. It give me something to blog about everyday. Everyday might be a little bit excessive but for a little while I think it is ok, especially considering that I am expecting to be very very busy soon, with school starting and everything.

Yesterday I had 2 job interviews, and I took my final. My final went well and as I was leaving the classroom I noticed that I had a voice mail. I got a job! Finally! I'm so glad. It will work perfectly with my schedule.

8 things I'm excited for in the next 8 days:
1. Jack Johnson concert tomorrow!
2. Getting a manicure and pedicure
3. Back to Colorado
4. Cancun! (technically that's in 9 days...oh well)
5. Seeing lots of family
6. No school or homework
7. Going to the temple
8. Getting married!

These blog posts are probably comical because of all of the wedding excitement, but don't worry they will end soon. Then you can read about my newlywed excitement! Ha.


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