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Our Honeymoon in Haiku

August 20th
we were married in Denver.
We started our trip.

4 o'clock AM
she's sleeping at the airport.
Cancun here we come!

Short stop in Flor-da.
Airport smelled like rice and beans.
We are getting close!

Look just off the wing...
She woke up in time to see,
beautiful rainbow.

Finally we're there!
Turquoise water, white sand beach...
What a pretty place!

Jordan liked the beach,
Jumping in the waves was fun.
Relaxing all day...

This is where we stayed.
Honey-mOOOners they did like.
Upgrade room for free!

From our balcony,
the view was spectacular.
Wish we could live there.

Room service breakfast:
eggs, waffles, fruit, and bagels.
Why did we come home?

Sand between our toes,
It felt good to do nothing.
Sunburned just a bit.

Cenote swimming,
one hundred fifty feet deep,
awesome place to see.

Wow! Chichen Itza!
It wasn't chicken pizza.
Very hot outside.

Magnificent sight.
Pictures just don't do justice.
Magnificent site.

We bought matching shades.
We bargained at the market.
They called us "cheap guy".

Found some neat seashells,
Look at the new ring we bought
and nice water too.

Chips and salsa, YUM!
No shirt, no shoes, no problem.
Swimming all day long.

It was fun to sit
in such a humongous chair,
waiting for the bus.

4 AM again,
sadly our trip was over.
Look at those big frowns!

We had a great time!
Look at the bright honey moon.
"I want go Cancun!"


  1. Your honeymoon looks like paradise and a lot of fun! Congrats Corina!

  2. Ours was better jk we're jealous

  3. you're the cutest corina! love the haikus and the pictures of course, it looked like so much fun. yay! congratulations!

  4. ahhh i loved this! we almost went to mexico, it looks like you had a lot of fun:)

  5. i love that picture of you two in the huge chair.. so cute! you two look so happy, congrats again! :)


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