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Change of plans...


Fall is back, snow is gone.

Snow is here

What happened to fall?

I love block classes....

Especially when they're over!

Happy TWO Month Anniversary!


This picture was taken 2 months ago!
Whoa. It feels like way a good way.

Married life has been fantastic.
I love having a little apartment to call home.
I love having a tiny family.
I like having Family Home Evening and family dinner.
I like budgeting.
I love having someone to talk to, to tell my frustrations or the things that make me happy, or just to tell about my day.
I love hearing about Jordan's day.
I like that we both have to be out of the door in the morning at the same time.
I love walking to school with Jordan.
Things are great.

Happy TWO Month Anniversary!

I love these


I want one...

Even thought they aren't as cool as the old ones, the film is a much more manageable price. I think I would like to have one. Maybe I will get one with some of that lovely target gift card money.

If only I could get a necklace like this made for me and pay for it with a target gift card (or even a bed, bath, and beyond gift card)....I love these necklaces.

Y Mountain


BYU has a tradition called Hike and Light the Y. They do it for Homecoming week and Graduation. I love looking at the Y when it is lit up. It reminds me of the Castle Rock when the star is lit up for Christmas.
Tonight Jordan is sleeping up there, making sure nothing goes wrong. He called me right before they were going to turn it off. Right outside our front door you can see a perfect view of the Y. As I looked at it tonight before they turned it off, I thought 'Whoa, Jordan is in charge of that for the night.' They flickered it on and off a few times, he said he was waving to me. I think it's so cool that he is getting paid to sleep on Y mountain. Pretty cool job.

Jordan took this picture up there tonight.  I like it!  I wish I could have been with him.


I am at home, sitting on my bed at 11:18. I should be at work. I am not because I am sick. Runny nose, congestion, sneezing and coughing, the whole works. Jordan had it from Friday until Monday when he graciously handed his sickness over to me. Thanks.

Anyway it was nice to sleep in for a change. 8:00 class everyday is a bit of a killer.

For those of you who haven't been keeping an eye on the progress of my list...check it out!

I have 60 out of the 101 finished. There is a small chance I wont be able to finish it all before the end of the year (because of some of the bigger ones: Las Vegas, Salt Flats, Moab, St. George) but I think I will have a good amount of them crossed off my list. I have had so much fun with this. Jordan and I have enjoyed making these into fun date nights.

Besides being sick life is great!

I should be a tree...


Trees... ...stand tall. ...act natural. ...enjoy the view. ...settle down. ...make themselves useful. ...change their look for the season. ...smell good. ...sink deep roots. ...never look stupid by staying quiet. ...learn to bend. ...take what comes and make the best of it. ...drink plenty of water. ...recycle. ...take the winter off.
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