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Look what we got!



We wanted to start our month off on the right foot, so the days leading up to Thanksgiving Jordan and I would write one thing we were thankful for each day and stick it to our closet door.
After surviving the fake blizzard, Jordan and I rode to Colorado with my Aunt and Uncle to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Here is who came to the yummy Thanksgiving dinner:

Our first Thanksgiving (Just a side note, today Jordan and I have been married for 101 days!)
On Friday Jordan and I took my little brothers to the Nuggets game for their birthday. Logan is a baller. Dylan is a hockey player. I think this picture is hilarious...Look at that concentration as he plays. And look who we ran into at the game...our good friends Devin and Claire! They spent Thanksgiving in Colorado as well.
The game was so much fun. Check out the score. Melo shot a buzzer beater to win the game. We're not sure how he did it, but Logan somehow knew that the Nuggets were going to win because of a buzzer beater. Good call Log.
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving break. We had fun spending time with family, eating good food, a little bit of shopping, but most of all just relaxing.

and now about our trip to Moab...

A trip down to Moab was one of the things on my list. Seeing as it is one of Jordan's favorite places to go I knew it wouldn't be too hard to plan a trip. We loaded up (and I mean loaded up: 4 people in a 2 door civic, with the accompanying camping gear, coolers, camping chairs, food, tent, dutch oven, and 2 bikes...did we bring enough?) and headed out of town with our good friends the Harper's. This was Devin and Jordan's 4th trip to Moab together.

We camped at the perfect place. It was right by the hike that Claire and I were going to be doing and the end of the trail Jordan and Devin were going to bike. Couldn't have planned it better! The Harper's made dinner the first night. Boy was it tasty! We had tin foil dinners and peach cobbler, made in the dutch oven. After a VERY cold night, we woke up and had an awesome camping breakfast: scrambled eggs, hash-browns, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and OJ. We decided food is one of the most important parts of camping. Then around 11 the boys took off down Porcupine Rim.

There they go!

As the boys were biking, Claire and I climbed up this huge rock, ran a few errands in town, saw this cool jeep driving down a crazy steep hill, and hiked up Negro Bill's Canyon to Morning Glory Bridge.

This picture was taken from underneath morning glory bridge. It was very cool! A nice little hike, oh and I can't forget to mention that we had to cross the river 14 times! 14!

After our hiking and their biking, we drove over to Arches and booked it to Delicate Arch. We wanted to make it before sunset. Mission accomplished. Delicate Arch was amazing.

After this we headed back to camp and made dinner, dutch oven lasagna and then took down camp and drove home. Yum! Overall it was a great little weekend get a way! We had a great time!


Last weekend we went to Moab! More pictures to come...

Yesterday I won an ipad


KUTV was having a contest yesterday, the winner got an ipad. What you had to do was comment on their facebook wall, and then have people comment on your comment. Whoever had the most comments on their comment won an ipad. I just so happened to have the most comments and I won! I don't think I have ever won anything before. So exciting!

Here's a small rundown of my night last night:
5:30 - Kara had some friends over for dinner, it was really fun to see everyone and catch up a little bit. I had no idea that I would be the new owner of an ipad by the end of the night!
7:15 - I got home and grabbed my computer so I could start doing some homework (oops! I forgot to start that). Of course I had to peek at facebook real quick, I saw a few posts on my newsfeed from other friends who entered into some contest to win an ipad, I just overlooked it.
A few minutes later - "Hey...maybe I should try. I think I could have a shot. I'll try it." That's when the madness began. (I entered a contest a few weeks ago to win an ipad, I was a bit disappointed when I didn't win, I wanted to try again.)
9:45 - The facebook group froze so they could tally posts.
10:30 - Jordan and I anxiously watched the news. At the end they announced the winner, and they said my name! We were so excited!!

I got a bit worried a few times because I have to take a test today and I should have been studying that whole time, the plan was even to go to the library (serious studying...). At least my time wasn't wasted. VICTORY!

Changed majors

I don't think I've mentioned that I changed majors last week. I wasn't quite satisfied with Civil Engineering and I wasn't loving my classes so I decided to explore some other options. There weren't many (that would allow me to still graduate in a reasonable amount of time).

I went to talk to the Technology and Engineering Education secretary and she informed me that if I were to switch I would be able to graduate December 2012 (it would have been at least April 2013 for Civil Engineering if not even past then). So I thought about it for a few weeks and then I switched. I want to enjoy my classes and enjoy the idea of my future career, which wasn't happening with civil engineering. I'm not 100% positive I will love my new classes but from what I hear I think I will definitely enjoy them more than I do my classes now. I figure if I don't love this one I can always switch back (I know...not ideal, I don't like all of this switching, in my head all I can think of is the tuition) .

I'm just hoping for a bit more enjoyment in my schooling. I know that college is hard, but I think that I should still like my classes and like the hard work that I'm putting forth. I know some classes you just have to take because they're required but I don't think that every single class should feel like that. So as of last week I am no longer a civil engineering major but am now a technology and engineering education major.

Anyway....In Jordan's English class they're writing a set of instructions. His is on how to make popcorn. So last night Jordan and I took pictures of the steps involved. A few examples:

The best part...eating it afterwards. I guess now Jordan can tell his teacher that his wife ate his homework.

I love Italian Food

Yum, can we have either of these for dinner?

My Favorite Book


This was my favorite book in 3rd grade. I hadn't seen it for years until Jordan found it in the BYU library. We walked in the library and he wrote down a call number, didn't tell me what it was, and just told me to go find it. When I saw what it was I was so excited! I'm rereading the long lost favorite book of my childhood, thanks to my wonderful husband.
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