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Changed majors

I don't think I've mentioned that I changed majors last week. I wasn't quite satisfied with Civil Engineering and I wasn't loving my classes so I decided to explore some other options. There weren't many (that would allow me to still graduate in a reasonable amount of time).

I went to talk to the Technology and Engineering Education secretary and she informed me that if I were to switch I would be able to graduate December 2012 (it would have been at least April 2013 for Civil Engineering if not even past then). So I thought about it for a few weeks and then I switched. I want to enjoy my classes and enjoy the idea of my future career, which wasn't happening with civil engineering. I'm not 100% positive I will love my new classes but from what I hear I think I will definitely enjoy them more than I do my classes now. I figure if I don't love this one I can always switch back (I know...not ideal, I don't like all of this switching, in my head all I can think of is the tuition) .

I'm just hoping for a bit more enjoyment in my schooling. I know that college is hard, but I think that I should still like my classes and like the hard work that I'm putting forth. I know some classes you just have to take because they're required but I don't think that every single class should feel like that. So as of last week I am no longer a civil engineering major but am now a technology and engineering education major.

Anyway....In Jordan's English class they're writing a set of instructions. His is on how to make popcorn. So last night Jordan and I took pictures of the steps involved. A few examples:

The best part...eating it afterwards. I guess now Jordan can tell his teacher that his wife ate his homework.


  1. wait so...what major did you switch to?

  2. Oh. I guess I wasn't very clear. Oops! I switched to Technology and Engineering Education.

  3. I hope you like it better. I agree you should enjoy the journey. Most people you talk to end up working in a completely different field than their major. Enjoy yourself, get the paper and move on to new adventure!
    Love you girl!

  4. oh cool! sorry, I didn't realize that was the name of a major, I thought it was a department or something. Awesome!


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