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We wanted to start our month off on the right foot, so the days leading up to Thanksgiving Jordan and I would write one thing we were thankful for each day and stick it to our closet door.
After surviving the fake blizzard, Jordan and I rode to Colorado with my Aunt and Uncle to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Here is who came to the yummy Thanksgiving dinner:

Our first Thanksgiving (Just a side note, today Jordan and I have been married for 101 days!)
On Friday Jordan and I took my little brothers to the Nuggets game for their birthday. Logan is a baller. Dylan is a hockey player. I think this picture is hilarious...Look at that concentration as he plays. And look who we ran into at the game...our good friends Devin and Claire! They spent Thanksgiving in Colorado as well.
The game was so much fun. Check out the score. Melo shot a buzzer beater to win the game. We're not sure how he did it, but Logan somehow knew that the Nuggets were going to win because of a buzzer beater. Good call Log.
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving break. We had fun spending time with family, eating good food, a little bit of shopping, but most of all just relaxing.

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  1. haha wow, I took a pic of the jumbo tron right at the end too, with Mello's face and everything (gag, haha) must have been right in the middle of us :)


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