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Yesterday I won an ipad


KUTV was having a contest yesterday, the winner got an ipad. What you had to do was comment on their facebook wall, and then have people comment on your comment. Whoever had the most comments on their comment won an ipad. I just so happened to have the most comments and I won! I don't think I have ever won anything before. So exciting!

Here's a small rundown of my night last night:
5:30 - Kara had some friends over for dinner, it was really fun to see everyone and catch up a little bit. I had no idea that I would be the new owner of an ipad by the end of the night!
7:15 - I got home and grabbed my computer so I could start doing some homework (oops! I forgot to start that). Of course I had to peek at facebook real quick, I saw a few posts on my newsfeed from other friends who entered into some contest to win an ipad, I just overlooked it.
A few minutes later - "Hey...maybe I should try. I think I could have a shot. I'll try it." That's when the madness began. (I entered a contest a few weeks ago to win an ipad, I was a bit disappointed when I didn't win, I wanted to try again.)
9:45 - The facebook group froze so they could tally posts.
10:30 - Jordan and I anxiously watched the news. At the end they announced the winner, and they said my name! We were so excited!!

I got a bit worried a few times because I have to take a test today and I should have been studying that whole time, the plan was even to go to the library (serious studying...). At least my time wasn't wasted. VICTORY!

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  1. corina that is so cool! i'm super jealous. have fun with your new toy:)


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