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Best of 2010

I had a VERY eventful year this year, probably my most eventful year so far. Here are a few of the things that I did this year:

In January I flew to Israel to make the Jerusalem Center my new home for a few months. I completely fell in love with this place. In January I also went to Egypt! While in Egypt I got to hike Mt. Sinai and watch the sunrise on top.

February was a full month! Here are a few of the highlights: I spent lots of hours in the Old City, I went to Jericho (the oldest and lowest place on earth), walked through Hezekiah's Tunnel, pretended to be David slaying Goliath, and found a new favorite bakery that I went to many many more times while I was there.

March was also a very full month. I watched many sunsets on the 7th floor balcony of the JC, spent 10 days in Galilee (pictures here), and took at least a thousand pictures of the Dome of the Rock.

April was a bittersweet month. It was my last month in Jerusalem, I was just about ready to come home but I knew I would be missing this place for a very long time. Some of the best parts of April were spending Easter in the Holy City, and going to Jordan and seeing Petra!

I finally arrived home after a bit of a scare from a volcano and almost immediately started school for Spring term. I went to school both Spring and Summer terms. May was an exciting month because I got engaged!

June was a good month. I sure do love summer. In April I signed up for a half marathon. In June as part of my preparations I ran a 5K with these lovely women. In June we also took a trip up to Burley, ID to go to some friends wedding receptions. Both receptions were so beautiful. While we were there we also spent a day at the river. It was a great trip.

In July, Jordan and I enjoyed spending the 4th here in Provo. We loved all of the Freedom Festival activities. We were lucky enough to go to the Stadium of Fire. We also loved the hot air balloons. In July we also took our engagement pictures, spent a fun weekend at Alturas with Jordan's family, and took a trip to Colorado to get our marriage license.

August was probably the most exciting month of the whole year. While trying to finish up classes, and plan a wedding we were still able to have some fun. We finally found a place to live which was a big relief. After we finished up finals we went to the Jack Johnson concert. We had great seats, thanks to my wonderful mother! The next day we moved all of our things into our new place and then headed to Colorado! While in Colorado we got married in the Denver Temple! We went on our honeymoon to Cancun and loved it. The last weekend in August we ran the Top of Utah half marathon.

September we settled down and started school. We also hiked Mt. Timpanogos, and Jordan had a birthday! The big 24! We celebrated for weeks.

I'm not sure what happened in October. I didn't seem to take even one picture the whole month! Yikes! I think if I remember correctly that October was very much full of lots of schooling. For Halloween we went to our ward party and made Navajo Tacos.

In November we took a fun trip to Moab with Devin and Claire. I also changed my major. We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Colorado. Dylan and Logan turned 12! Whoa. Oh yeah in November we also won a free iPad!

In December we set up our first Christmas tree, made billions of sugar cookies, went to a BYU basketball game in Salt Lake, I had a birthday, we spent Christmas here in Utah with our families and we went to temple square lots of time.

What a great year!

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  1. cuuute! you had a great year. benihana twice, that's what i'm talkin about. and all the other stuff is awesome too :)


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