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Happy 2nd birthday Mr. Blog!

I was a little distracted with Thanksgiving break and school and tests, so distracted that I forgot to mention that my little blog had a birthday!

Happy late 2nd birthday Mr. Blog!

With only a few days left in the semester, I'm just trying to stay focused and not think about how much I will enjoy Christmas Break. I'm so thrilled that it is coming up. Have I mentioned that I have had at least one test a week since September?

Have I also mentioned that my iPad is broken? Big bummer! I've talked to apple support and they told me I needed a receipt, so I called and emailed the TV station and I finally got it so hopefully I'll be able to get it fixed/get a new one soon. It's a pretty fun little toy! I was very sad when only 2 days after we got it the screen stopped working.

Jordan has had lots of projects and presentations in his classes the last few days. We're both excited for some fun Christmas Vacation plans!


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