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I am an avid blog reader. Really, I should probably tone it down a little bit, I have 134 blogs in my Google Reader right now. Whenever I see a picture of something I like I copy it to my desktop. As a result I have many random pictures there. Here is what is on there right now:

I like the way these shelves are organized.

I like the mirrors on the wall.

I like the window hanging there and the elephant pillow is pretty cool too.

I can't even remember exactly what I liked about this picture! But overall I really like how this room looks. Actually now that I'm thinking about it I saved this picture because I want to buy a nightstand at DI or on KSL or something and paint it to look like the little yellow one in this picture.

I like how the dresser has 3 different sets of knobs. I think it looks really fun.

I think these boxes look pretty.

Jordan and I have a collage wall, and I think it would be fun to hang a big "S" with our pictures.

Around the time that I got engaged, my cousin Alex told me that if he was going to get a diamond ring he would want the diamond backwards, so just in case he got into any trouble he could save himself. The next day this picture was on a blog so I saved it to show to him.

I think things like this are cool (kind of like our Chichen Itza picture). There are many problems with my system, I know. I don't always know where I got the pictures, sometimes I don't remember why I liked them, but for now it is ok because I think the pictures are pretty and are fun to look at occasionally.


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