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200th Blog Post


Jordan and I are slowly finishing the unpacking process. We are loving our new place and loving the sweet little woman who lives above us. We don't have internet yet but hopefully we'll be getting it this weekend or early next week. School is going well, we're both really busy and are away from our house from about 7:15 in the morning to about 7:30ish at night, but overall we are loving being Orem residents now.

This semester I am taking Video Production Nonlinear Editing, History: World Civilization from 1500, Creativity,Engineering & Problem Solving, Process & Manufacturing: Metals/Polymers, and Art History: World Civilization to 1500. I am really enjoying my new major classes and am loving the much smaller classes.

Life is good. Hopefully we'll get internet soon so I can get back into the blogging world. I'm very much excited for the long weekend coming up. It is also a bonus that neither Jordan or I have classes on Fridays, only work, so EXTRA long weekend for us.

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  1. aaahh we don't have internet either and it's the worst!!


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