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Building a world

For one of my classes we are making videos for the Imagine Cup international video competition. We have to make a video about one of the UN Millennium Development Goals. We decided to do Global Partnership. On Thursday we threw 1,000 pieces of paper off the roof of the JFSB and recorded everyone's reactions. Some people helped us pick them up (thank you!) and some people just walked right by. Yesterday we spent 4 hours, and 5,000 pieces of paper building this globe in between the JFSB and the library. We filmed the whole process and will be turning it into a sweet video this week. The ultimate message of our video is that when people work together we can accomplish great things.
In the process....
The final product
Here is what we were going for. I think we were pretty dang close especially considering how freezing it was outside and the number of hours it took us. Thanks so much to everyone who helped us! We couldn't have done it with out you. Stay tuned for our final Imagine Cup video, I will post it when we finish.

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  1. aaahhhh so freaking cool! i can't wait to see the video.


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