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Two of my goals for this year were to 1) take more pictures and 2) blog more. I have been failing at both. The lack of internet has been setting me back in blogging but nothing should be setting me back in taking pictures. I even decided to always carry my camera in my purse thinking that would help me. It hasn't yet.

I'm starting that goal over now. I will do better this time.

Today I had a paper due for my plastics class. It was an environmental paper about paper and plastic. I really enjoyed researching this topic and writing the paper. I learned a lot of things I never knew before. I learned that 100 billion plastics bags are used in America each year, with only 10 billion paper bags used. Did you know that 2,000 Plastic bags weighs 30 pounds where as 2,000 paper bags weighs 280 pounds? In fact, “one-third of solid waste is paper” whereas only 11.7% of solid waste is plastic. There is actually more food waste (12.4%) and yard trimmings (12.9%) than plastic solid waste. It requires 98% more energy to recycle a pound of paper than it does to recycle a pound of plastic. now you may be wondering, now what does this blog post have to do with King Tut... Well I will tell you. Tomorrow I have an Art History test. It is on basically all of the very early art (cave paintings) to about 1200 BC during the Mycenaean period. While I was in Egypt last January I we got to go to the Cairo Museum. While I was there I saw some of the famous pharaoh's mummies (Queen Hatshepsut, Ramses II, etc...) as well as a lot of the artifacts that were found in King Tut's tomb. I was so amazed by this funerary mask when I saw it. In first or second grade (I can't remember which one) in art class we made our own King Tut mask. Ever since then I wanted to go to Egypt. 14 short years later I was able to go there. When I saw this mask I was in awe. I spent like 30 minutes looking at it. It was beautiful.

Well I should probably get back to my studies, I just needed a quick break so I thought I would write a little blog post.


  1. I always feel so bad for choosing plastic over paper at the grocery store...even though I reuse them...because I thought paper was so much better doe the environment. Looks like your research shows plastic is better. Thanks I feel lots better.

  2. "for" the iPad auto spell goes nutty sometimes. Need to proofread before publishing!


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