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Weekend recap

First things first....still no internet, but we're getting it on Friday.

Jordan and I had a great, busy weekend.

Friday after work we headed to the social security office - finally time to actually change my name. The problem with this office is that it is only open until 4 and I don't finish classes until either 5:15 or 5:45. But I finally made it over there.

Friday night we went to In-n-out for dinner and then headed up to IKEA to by some house things. We bought shelves, lamp shades, a rug...the list goes on and on.

Saturday morning I went to breakfast with my old roommates at Kneaders. SO good. It is always fun to get together with those girls.

The rest of the day Saturday we spent much of our time on our house, putting shelves up. Saturday we also ran some errands.

Saturday night we saw True Grit and loved it.

Sunday we went to our new ward. We thought we'd try the family ward. I think it will take some getting used to, there aren't very many people our age.

Sunday night we went to Sandy for dinner because Jordan's mom, Martha's birthday was Monday. We had some delicious lasagna.

Monday we spent a good deal of our time cleaning out a very messy/dirty closet and turning it into a wonderful pantry. I love it! My Aunt Annett and my Grandma also came over to see our house and they took us to lunch and IKEA again. They were already headed up there and we forgot a few things Friday night, so we figured we'd tag along.

It was a great weekend. I love long weekends!

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